Extramural Funding

Since inception in January, 2007, QIC has generated total grant funding in excess of $1,000,000 from negotiated research contracts.

Studies accomplished

–         Pfizer: BLOKS reading of meniscus, ligaments and bone marrow lesion in 180 participants

–         Boston University: Assessment of synovitis in knee OA on gadolinium-enhanced MRI applying a novel comprehensive scoring system for synovitis of 400 participants from the Multicenter Osteoarthritis Study (MOST)

–         University of California San Francisco: Full WORMS reading of BL-30 month subcohort of 500 participants from MOST

–         Boston University: Full WORMS reading of a cross-sectional subcohort of 120 participants from Framingham Study

–         University of California San Francisco and NIH: BLOKS and WORMS comparison pilot study of 125 participants from OAI

–         University of Pittsburgh: WORMS reading of bone marrow, cartilage, meniscus, effusion and synovitis of BL-6 month cohort of 180 participants from JOG Study

–         University of Southampton, UK: BLOKS and contrast-enhanced synovitis reading of cross sectional cohort of 130 participants from VIDEO Study

–          General Electric Healthcare Systems: Comparison between MRI, X-ray and tomosynthesis volume RAD in patients with and without knee osteoarthritis.

Studies in progress 

–         University of Pittsburg: WORMS and X-ray reading from the Arthritis Foundation grant on early OA patients.

–          Harvard University, Brigham and Women’s Hospital: Baseline and follow-up RO1 grant to read BLOKS in OA patients with and without mensicectomy.

–         Wake Forest University: Full BLOKS reading of BL-18 month cohort of 220 participants from IDEA Study

Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine