Work in Progress Weekly Seminar Series

The Pulmonary Center will hold a weekly Work In Progress seminar series on Fridays at 9:30am.  Spring 2019 meetings will be in X715

Work in Progress Spring/Summer 2019 Schedule: 

Date Speaker Presentation Title
1/4 Michael Herriges/Yuri Kim “Transplantation of primary and PSC-derived lung epithelial progenitor cells”
1/11 Renda Wiener “Untangling overuse: PDE-5-inhibitors for Groups 2/3 Pulmonary Hypertension”
1/18 Sarah Mazzilli

“Molecular Characterization of a Pre-Clinical Model for Lung Cancer Interception”

1/25 Kim Barker/Andrew Berical Pneumococcal exposures elicit resident memory B cells poised to secrete class-switched antibodies in the lung”

“Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells and Personalized Cystic Fibrosis Drug Prediction”

2/1 Hannah Wunsch, University of Toronto “ICU staffing models: do they make a difference?”
2/8 Judy Campisi- Jerome Brody Lecture “Cellular Senescence, the Lung and Aging: The Jerry Brody Connection”
2/15 Kristine Abo/Sean Corbett “Pluripotent Stem Cell-Based Modeling of Cigarette Smoke Injury”

“Identifying Lung-Cell-Type-Associated Responses to Compound Perturbation”

2/22 Emad Arafa/Nathan Kingston “Alveolar Macrophages Dynamics During Pneumococcal Pneumonia”

“Roles for Hippo Pathway Effectors Taz and Yap in Fibroblast Populations During Pulmonary Fibrosis”

3/1 Anukul Shenoy/ Filiz Korkmaz “Lung-Resident CD4+ Memory T Cell and Epithelial Crosstalk During Heterotypic Immunity”
3/8 Roberto Machado, Indiana University School of Medicine “NAMPT and pulmonary vascular remodeling in PAH”
3/15 Jussi Saukkonen “Phenobarbital in the treatment of acute alcohol withdrawal syndrome”
3/22 Claire Burgess/Julia Hicks-Berthet “Generation of human alveolar epithelial type 1 cells from pluripotent stem cells”

“Yap and Taz-regulated control of goblet cell fate in the airway epithelium”

3/29 Barbara Ludeke/Michael Breen “Towards a linked RNA synthesis and RNA capping assay for RSV”

“Characterizing the lung B memory cell population after respiratory viral infection”

4/5 Bela Suki “Bioengineering approaches toward understanding honeycombing in pulmonary fibrosis and tissue deterioration in emphysema”
4/12 Kari Gillmeyer/Yuliang (Leon) Sun “Delivery of care for patients with pulmonary hypertension”

“Establishing an iPSC-derived AEC2s model to study childhood interstitial lung disease”

4/19 Alicia Wooten/Stephanie Hon “Phosphodiesterase 2 deletion in Streptococcus pneumoniae D39 elicits a robust type I interferon response in macrophages”

“Single Cell Sequencing and Lineage Tracing of the Origins of Pulmonary Vasculature”

4/26 Nick Bosch/Rhiannon Werder “Derivation and Validation of a Novel Measure of Septic Shock Severity”

“Understanding the Function of COPD Susceptibility Genes using CRISPRi-Targeted Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC)-Derived Lung Epithelium”

5/3 James Murphy, M.D. “Critical Care Quality Improvement at BMC”
5/10 Eric Abston/ Ming-Ming Lee “Noninvasive Quantification of Fibrotic Lung Disease: of Mice and Men”

“Predicting future pneumonia from baseline clinical risk factors and blood protein markers”

5/17 No Seminar- ATS TBD
5/24 No Seminar- ATS TBD
5/31 Avi Spira- Mary Williams Lecture “The Road Rarely Traveled: a 20-year Journey Towards Early Lung Cancer Detection.”
6/7 Timothy Blackwell, Vanderbilt University Medical Center – Gordon Snider Memorial Lecture “Progress in Understanding Genetic Mechanisms of Pulmonary Fibrosis.”
6/14 Tien Peng- UCSF “Traversing the Wall: Signaling Across the Basement Membrane in Lung Regeneration.”
6/21 Elim Na/Carolina Lyon De Ana TBD
6/28 Kostas Alysandratos TBD
7/5 No Seminar
7/12 Christine Odem/Adeline Matsculat TBD
7/19 Jason Noon/Barbara Ludeke TBD
7/26 Alan Fine TBD

Work in Progress Fall/Winter 2018 Schedule:

Date Speaker Presentation Title
9/7 Jay Mizgerd “Pneumonia Biology: Lungs Learn from Experience.”


9/14 Nilamben Patel/Samuel Belok “Assessing Quality of life in patients with Oral Allergy Syndrome”

“Exploring Organ Dysfunction in Sepsis: What about Leukopenia?”


9/21 Matthew Lammi, LSU School of Medicine “Endothelial biomarkers of systemic sclerosis-associated pulmonary hypertension.”


9/28 Felicia Chen  “‘A’ is for ‘Airway’:  The role of vitamin A signaling in airway development, homeostasis, and diseases.”


10/5 Wei He/Lakshmana Swamy “Burnout: a crisis for patients, providers, and payers”


10/12 Raj Parikh/Justin Lui/Kate Steinberg “Household air pollution and respiratory disease”

“Assembly of a Rocaglate-eluting Polymer mesh for Localized Chemotherapy in Early Stage Lung Cancer”


10/19 Igor Kramnik “Hyper-inflammation and immune suppression in TB –  two sides of the same coin?”


10/26 Jamie Hook, Columbia University  “Real-time optical imaging of staphylococcus-induced alveolar injury mechanisms”
11/2 Namita Sood, McGovern Medical School, University of Texas PAH in Scleroderma -what have learnt ?”
11/9 Andrew Wilson “Modeling human liver disease with patient iPSCs”.
11/16 No Seminar  


11/23 Thanksgiving  


11/30 Jose Ordovas-Montanes, MIT “Allergic inflammatory memory in human epithelial progenitor cells”
12/7 Beth Becker/Duo Zhang “A Bronchial Airway Gene Expression Signature of Lung Function Decline.”

“From microRNA to microparticle”

12/14 Joseph Kaserman TBD


12/21 Intercession  


12/28 Intercession