Katrina Steiling, MD, MSc

Faculty and Fellows


Assistant Professor of Medicine

BU Profile for Dr. Steiling

Medical School: Boston University School of Medicine
Internship: Boston University Medical Center
Residency: Boston University Medical Center
Fellowship: Boston University Medical Center
Master’s/PhD programs: Masters of Science in Bioinformatics, College of Engineering, Boston University

Special Interests:


  • Airway gene expression
  • Bioinformatics
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Lung Cancer


  • Thoracic Oncology
  • Pulmonary Medicine
  • Critical Care Medicine

Dr. Steiling is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Bioinformatics. She sees patients in the Lung Nodule Clinic, multidisciplinary Thoracic Oncology Clinic and attends in the Medical Intensive Care Unit at Boston Medical Center. She oversees the Lung Cancer Screening Program and co-chairs the Lung Cancer Screening Steering Committee.

Dr. Steiling’s research focuses on applying high-throughput genomic tools and emerging computational methods to develop improved diagnostics, prognostics, and risk stratification tools for phenotypically complex lung diseases such as COPD and lung cancer. Dr. Steiling’s primary research involves gene expression profiling of the airway epithelium from individuals with COPD in order to understand the molecular mechanisms of this disease and its relationship to lung cancer. She has also worked to apply airway gene expression profiling to the diagnosis of lung cancer, to understand the relationship between smoking-induced changes in gene expression in the bronchial airway and the upper airway, and to elucidate the relationship between smoking-induced changes in airway gene and protein expression.

Selected Publications:

  • Christenson S, Steiling K. “Shifting from correlation to causation: challenges for the future of unbiased molecular studies in inflammatory lung disease.” Am J Respir Crit Care Med, 2017; 195(1):5-7.
  • Bhatt N, Sloan JM, O’Hara CJ, Steiling K, Litle VR. “Marginal zone endobronchial lymphoma in a patient with hepatitic C.” Annals of Thoracic Surgery, 2016; 102(5):e407-408.
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  • Grayson PC, Steiling K, Platt M, Berman J, Zhang X, Xiao J, Alekseyev YO, Liu G, Monach P, Kaplan MJ, Spira A, Merkel PA. “Defining the nasal transcriptome in granulomatosis with polyangiitis.” Arthritis and Rheumatology, 2015; 67(8):2233-9.
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  • van den Berge M, Steiling K, Timens W, Hiemstra PS, Sterk PJ, Heijink IH, Liu G, Alekseyev YO, Lenburg ME, Spira A*, Postma DS*. “Airway gene expression in COPD is dynamic with inhaled corticosteroid treatment and reflects biological pathways associated with disease activity.” Thorax, 2014;69(1):14-23.
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Clinic Sites:

Dr. Steiling sees patients in the Lung Nodule Clinic and the Thoracic Oncology Center at Boston Medical Center.