Clinical Centers

Our TB Clinical Research Group at Boston University School of Medicine’s Pulmonary Center is engaged in multi-center consortium studies, investigator-initiated local research studies, and educational efforts locally, regionally and nationally.

TB Trials Consortium

Our site has been very active within the Centers for Disease Control’s Tuberculosis Trials Consortium (TBTC), actively enrolling patients in both latent and active TB treatment trials. We have been active in TBTC committees and in meetings.

  • John Bernardo, MD
    Site Principal Investigator, TBTC Human Studies Research Committee, TBTC Study 28 Protocol Development Team
  • Jussi Saukkonen, MD
    Site Co-investigator, TBTC Core Sciences Group (current),
    Chair, Recruitment and Retention Committee (past)
  • Robert Horsburgh, MD
    Site Co-investigator, TBTC Executive Advisory Group, Chair, Publications Committee
  • Claire Murphy, RN, MSN, NP
    Study Coordinator, Training Advisory Group (current), Internal Quality Control Committee (past)
  • Denise Curran, RN
    Study Nurse.

Current TBTC trials in which we are enrolling include:

  1. Study 26: Isoniazid/Rifapentine weekly for 3 months vs. Isoniazid daily for 9 months for treatment of Latent TB Infection.
  2. Study 26A: Hepatotoxicity and Viral Hepatitis sub-study for Study 26
  3. Study 26B: Hypersensitivity sub-study for Study 26
  4. Study 28: Moxifloxacin or Isoniazid with rifampin, pyrazinamide, and ethambutol for treatment of TB disease.

The TBTC website at CDC is at:

TB Epidemiologic Studies Consortium

We also are active in CDC’s Tuberculosis Epidemiologic Studies Consortium (TBESC). In partnership with Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Dr Bernardo, who also serves on the Diagnostics Working Group and the Human Subjects Research Group, and Dr Horsburgh, who also serves on the Research Committee, are active within the TBESC infrastructure.

Current TBESC studies in which we are participating include:

  1. Task Order 8: An analysis of molecular epidemiology of multi-drug resistant M.tuberculosis in the United States
  2. Task Order 9: Enhanced surveillance to identify missed opportunities for TB prevention in foreign-born populations in US and Canada
  3. Task Order 12: Assessing the tuberculosis (TB) knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and practices among private providers serving foreign-born populations at Risk for TB
  4. Task Order 13: Prospective cohort study of risk factors for acceptance of, adherence to, and toxicity from treatment for LTBI
  5. Task Order 16: African Refugee Women’s Health Improvement Project
    The TBESC website at CDC is at:

Other national projects:

National TB Controllers’ Association

Dr. Bernardo is the President (2006) of this organization, dedicated to control of tuberculosis in the United States.

National TB Nurses Consultant Coalition

Claire Murphy, RN, MSN, NP is Chair of the Education and Research Committees.

American Thoracic Society

Dr. Jussi Saukkonen is the Chair of the Working Group on Hepatotoxicity of Anti-tuberculosis Therapy, which has completed a document for the ATS.

Investigator-initiated local studies

Several studies are on-going; these include

  1. Predictors of failure to complete isoniazid for treatment for latent TB infection: a survey study of patients.
  2. Predictors of Active TB Among Asymptomatic Tuberculin Skin Test Positive Individuals with Upper Lobe Fibrosis.
  3. TB contact investigation: Evaluation, treatment and outcomes in children less than 5 years of age in Massachusetts.
  4. Provision of TB Services to Boston’s Homeless: Public Health/Private Domain
  5. Community-based TB prevention in Massachusetts’ Haitian communities

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