Car Seat Program

This program provides the basic technical skills, experience, and knowledge of the proper use and installation of child passenger safety seats that are required to conduct child safety seat inspections. To keep apprised of the technological changes and Federal regulations that affect the correct installation of child safety seats, technicians and instructors must be re-certified every two years.


CPS technicians have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Secure children in appropriate child restraint systems
  • Install child restraint systems in multiple types of vehicles
  • Educate others on how to correctly install child restraint systems in their vehicles
  • Educate others about how to properly restrain children in motor vehicles
  • Organize, coordinate, or assist at inspection stations and checkup events
  • Use appropriate resources to retrieve information related to CPS
  • Respond appropriately to legal and ethical issues related to the role of the
    CPS technician
  • Obtain information from CPS resources in response to requests for information that is not readily available

Officers David Haggerty, Matt Hayes,  Kristin Oberlander, David O’Brien, and Harris Tracy are Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians.  If you would like to schedule a car seat installation, please call a Public Safety Supervisor at 617-414-4413.

Please view attached video: