The BUMC Public Safety Department is responsible for providing a safe and secure environment and minimizing the opportunity for the loss of personal and institutional assets. Public Safety Officers are hired based upon education, experience and their willingness and ability to provide customer friendly service to the medical center community. The one hundred and twenty-five (125) members of the Public Safety Department are involved in a continuous training program that addresses all relevant aspects of policing and all aspects of medical center operations.

The BUMC Public Safety Department is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is one Command and Control Center located at 750 Albany Street. Service calls for security, facilities, and emergency response are dispatched from this location, and can be reached at (617) 414-4444.

We encourage you to contact the Command and Control Center to report suspicious and unusual activity. The Public Safety Desk Officer will dispatch an officer to respond to the problem immediately.

In addition to 24 hour response we provide many other services described in our index.