Boston Medical Center Investigations Unit

The primary function of the Unit is to conduct investigations of suspected criminal acts or violations of Hospital policies and procedures.

The Investigations Unit is the liaison between the Medical Center and all external law enforcement agencies. The Investigations Unit also assists agencies responsible for Head of State and Dignitary Protection on Medical Center property.

The Investigations Unit actively participates in BUMC Public Safety Department Crime Prevention Programs through presentations at student and employee orientations, departmental meetings and with the distribution of Crime Prevention material. The Unit also assists with the coordination of safety awareness programs offered to members of the Medical Center. The Investigations Unit will provide security surveys and personal protection safety plans when needed.

To contact the Investigations Unit, call (617) 414-4441 or contact:

Connie Packard
Director of Public Safety, Control Center, and Parking Services
Boston Medical Center
Boston University Medical Center
(617) 638-4935