Community Policing/BUPD

The BUMC Public Safety Department is committed to providing professional community policing and customer service within, and around, our academic medical center setting.

In order to achieve the levels of service that we have committed to, the BUMC Public Safety Department works in partnership with the Boston University Police Department (BUPD) and has established cooperative relationships with the Boston Police Department (BPD). Employees, students, patients and visitors are encouraged to interact with the officers providing services and to report any activities that they feel are contrary to the objectives of the public safety department, the medical center, or the community. Information that is provided to the officers patrolling the campus will be shared between agencies or departments as a means of continuing to provide a safe and secure environment.DPS Bike 1

The BUMC Public Safety Department offers training involving de-escalation, managing difficult situations, and street-smarts to the medical center community twice a year. The instructors that teach these courses are the same instructors who provide training to the public safety staff. Please contact Paul Stone if you are interested in participating in one of our complimentary programs.


The BUMC Public Safety Department coordinates services with BUPD and BPD. BUPD Officers patrol the perimeter of the medical center, provide first response to requests that require police intervention and provide assistance during emergency / contingency / disaster situations. BUMC Investigators and BUPD detectives work closely on investigations at the medical center and act as liaisons with BPD during joint investigations.

The BUMC Public Safety Department and BUPD provide bicycle patrols of the campus’ perimeter during the spring, summer and fall months each year. The Public Safety Officer(s) assigned to bicycle patrols act as liaison to the medical center community that commutes via bicycle. BUMC and The City of Boston have worked hand in hand over the past few years to provide responsive, highly visible, service-oriented bicycle patrols of the medical center and the area it is located in.

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