Awareness Programs

Street Survival

Personal Safety Awareness and Response

Recognize the dangers encountered in everyday life. Training will focus on effective verbal and physical responses. There will be an emphasis on risk management and avoidance techniques. Classes are comprised of two 4-hour sessions. Classes are open to everyone, sign up with a co-worker, friend, neighbor or family member.

Dates to be announced

Managing Challenging Customers

FOR FRONT LINE STAFF: De-escalation Training for front line staff to maintain professionalism and courtesy while recognizing the signs of escalation and how to effectively deal with it. Use of verbal skills, physical gestures and appearances and knowledge of resources to satisfy customer will be emphasized. One 4-hour session.

Dates to be announced

Sponsored by the Boston University Medical Center Public Safety Department

For More Information Call (617) 414-4413 (Thomas Greenwood, Public Safety Supervisor)
To Register Call (617) 414-4425 (Public Safety Administration).
All classes are free of charge.