COM Public Safety BikesThe Department of Public Safety is a full-time, professional law enforcement agency that provides a wide variety of public services, including alarm response, emergency medical assistance, investigating reports of suspicious circumstances, and response to and investigating criminal matters.

Patrols are conducted throughout the BUMC/BMC area 24 hours a day and span an area that includes four million square feet, 10 city blocks and 41 buildings. Calls for service are dispatched out of the Public Safety Operations Center to the Public Safety Officers for response.  Emergency response time is generally under three minutes to any location on campus.

The Public Safety department includes sworn Special Police Officers and non-sworn officers. Every officer completes in-service training, ongoing review of law updates, certification of defensive tactics, CPR and first-aid. Officers must also demonstrate safety and proficiency with issued equipment and receive other specialized training courses offered through the Department training branch.

All sworn Public Safety Officers are empowered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to enforce criminal law and to make arrests on the campus grounds.

Learn more about our Mountain Bike Unit, Specialized Investigations Branch and Detail Unit.

This is the investigative branch of the Department. The Unit comprises two detectives who are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is staffed Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. The primary function of the Unit is to conduct investigations of suspected criminal acts or violations of University and Hospital policies and procedures. It serves as the liaison between the Medical Center and all external law enforcement agencies. The Unit also assists agencies responsible for Head of State and Dignitary Protection on the Medical Campus property. To contact the Investigations Unit, call 617-414-4441.

This unit has four assigned officers, all of whom are sent to a three-day training International Police Mountain Bike Association course. The growth of the Mountain Bike Unit has contributed to the decline of bike thefts.

For information regarding having a public safety officer at your event, please contact Public Safety Sergeants.