Grand Rounds February 1, 2018
Snezana Milanovic, MD MSC
Perinatal Psychiatry: Toolkit Overview and BMC Primer

Grand Rounds  January 25, 2018
Gregory Fricchione, MD
Mind Body Medicine: The Link Between Clinical Medicine and Public Health in the 21st Century

Grand Rounds January 18, 2018
Daniel Beck, LICSW
CBT: Overview of Theory and Practice

Grand Rounds  December 7, 2017
Ana-Maria Vranceanu, PhD
Developing Tailored Behavioral Health Interventions for Medical Patients

Grand Rounds  November 16, 2017
Claire Oppenheim, MPH
How To: Write a BUMC IRB Protocol, Complete BUMC IRB Application

Grand Rounds  November 2, 2017
Charles B. Nemeroff, MD PhD
Vulnerability and Treatment Response in Mood Disorders and PTSD: Personalized Medicine in Psychiatry