Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship

The Addiction Psychiatry fellowship offered through the Boston University Medical Center and the Boston VA Healthcare System provides psychiatric physicians with advanced training in the recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of addictive disorders. A well-rounded and comprehensive series of didactic presentations as well as training at renowned Boston area tertiary care facilities ensures that graduates are clinically competent and knowledgeable in all aspects of addiction treatment. The development of broad expertise and an informed perspective on the addictions encompassing knowledge of the history of substance use disorders, sociological aspects of addictions and public policy, and the role of mutual-support groups in the treatment of addictions is an integral part of the fellowship.

This fully ACGME accredited PGY-V year residency is directed by Dr. John Renner, a widely recognized addiction psychiatrist. Required rotations, which include addictive disorders in adolescent and consult-liaison populations take place at hospitals and treatment facilities throughout the greater Boston area. A significant amount of time is dedicated to Public Health addiction psychiatry and medication assisted treatment with methadone and buprenorphine. Fellows are also provided with substantial elective time and are encouraged to pursue research and other interests, for which a wide variety of mentors are accessible. This one year accredited program meets all requirements for ABPN eligibility in Addiction Psychiatry.

If desired, additional training is also available in a two year VA-funded Interprofessional Advanced Addiction Fellowship Program which is designed to train future generations of VA healthcare leaders. The Advanced Fellowship provides opportunities for further specialization in research in the addictions, and/or management of addiction treatment units and addiction training programs. This advanced program stresses interprofessional training and provides opportunities to work alongside addiction professionals from other disciplines. In the Advanced Fellowship, 75% time is devoted to research, management, and educational activities and up to 25% time to direct clinical service.

Interested applicants should send CVs to:

Dr. John Renner, M.D.
Email: john.renner@bmc.org or john.renner@va.gov

Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship

The Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship is a one year fully accredited program designed to provide knowledge and skills, and to train academic psychosomatic psychiatrists to be leaders in the field of psychosomatic medicine. Our fellowship program was one of the first eight programs accredited by the ACGME and has been continually accredited since 2004. The Psychosomatic fellow will spend a total of six consecutive months full time at the Boston Medical Center and six consecutive months full time at the VA Boston Healthcare System. Both sites provide training experiences in Integrated Care with the fellow and consult-liaison psychiatrists embedded in a primary care clinic. A unique quality of the program is its ability to provide the fellow with a variety of educational and training venues that include an ethnically, culturally, and economically diverse group of patients 

Over the course of the fellowship, the fellow will develop clinical knowledge and expertise in the psychiatric care of the medically ill or physically disabled patient.  This will include consultation and evaluation, integrated care, crisis intervention, and various forms of psychotherapy.  Clinical work is supplemented by a variety of didactic seminars and participation in multidisciplinary educational experiences that include clinical rounds, conferences, supervision and research activities.

Fellows are active teachers of Boston University School of Medicine students and Boston University Medical Center Psychiatry Residents. This one year accredited program meets all requirements for ABPN eligibility in Psychosomatic Medicine.

Interested applicants should send CVs to:

Dr. Isidore Berenbaum, M.D.
Boston Medical Center, Suite B-410
88 East Newton St., Boston MA 02118
Fax: 617 638-8724
Email: bbq@bu.edu

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Community Psychiatry Fellowship

This fellowship, funded by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, is a half-time training experience to expand a fellow’s knowledge base of community psychiatry. The fellowship may be combined with a Public Health degree. For fellows interested in the Boston University School of Public Health partial scholarship funding in available through the Nasir Khan MD Public Psychiatry Scholarship. The program is designed with the interest of the fellow and includes rotations in many areas of public psychiatry including the Boston Emergency Service Team (urgent care, community based assessment, jail diversion, emergency psychiatry at Boston Medical Center), outpatient community services, inpatient services, policy development through DMH Central Office, and an elective.


The program will be accepting a fellow for July 2015 with applications open as of September 1, 2015. Applications should be requested from Maria Nunez (maria.nunez@bmc.org).


Questions about the fellowship can be sent to Dr. Osterman (Program Director) at janet.osterman@bmc.org or call, 617-638-8540.