From the Faculty

From The Faculty

Dr. Orlando Lighfoot “Our patients and our community need individuals who are well grounded in psychodynamics, psychopharmacology, behavioral management and system theory. We strongly emphasize, as well, competence in understanding cross cultures. The program at Boston University allows residents to develop and have the skills necessary to become excellent practioners. The faculty fosters interest in teaching and research.”Orlando Lightfoot, MD Vice Chair Community Psychiatry 



From The Residents



“I feel that Boston University Medical Center has given me the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. Our diverse and rich patient population not only presents us with some of our greatest challenges, but also provides us with our greatest rewards.”

Jennifer Miller, MD, Chief Resident




Akhil Shenoy, MD Chief Resident “As a senior resident in psychiatry at Boston Medical Center and Boston University, I encourage all medical students interested in psychiatry to get as much out of the residency as they can.  I feel lucky to have had the excellent opportunity to work with complicated pathology in our city’s hospital and have the structure and support to provide outstanding care.  Our supervisors share with us a breadth of biological, cognitive-behavioral, analytic, and practical understanding of our patients and the appropriate therapeutics.  We offer a balanced level of experience and workload which allow our residents to develop extra-curricular interests and have a comfortable balance.” Akhil Shenoy, MD, Resident Grad. 
Mathew Doolittle, MD, Resident  


“When I came to Boston from the suburban Midwest, I was looking for a residency at a hospital with a significant material and philosophical investment in the care of the indigent, and with training in emergency as well as routine psychiatry.  I had hoped to find a program that took a balanced approach to therapy and medications, and that had strength in the intersection of general medicine and psychiatry.  I was also looking forward to the cultural and physical resources of an academic city by the ocean.  At BMC, I found all of these things.  What I had not necessarily expected to find, though, was an environment that was as consistently constructive as I have found, or advice that was almost always supportive as well as useful and clear.  It is not that there are no problems, or that there are not significant daily stressors, but that the culture at this institution is characterized so markedly by a resilient good will that even on the most difficult days, numerous reminders of collegiality make the physical and emotional challenges of residency less burdensome.  After two years here, when I think of Boston Medical Center, I think of quiet shared purpose.”Mathew Doolittle, MD, Chief Resident
   “For me, the strengths of the BMC psychiatry residency program reside in the quality of its people and the diversity of its experiences.  My fellow residents come from a variety of backgrounds, have a broad range of interests (in and out of medicine), and are deeply committed to psychiatry.  My teachers are broad-minded in their thought and passionate about patient care.  The patient population is extremely diverse, particularly due to the clinical sites at which we train.  The variety of clinical sites provides perspective on different patient populations and different systems of care.  It has been a pleasure to train in psychiatry at BMC.”Benjamin Spinner, MD, Resident
Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine