Faculty Appointment Information

Guidelines for Faculty Appointments & Promotions for the School of Medicine

Guidelines for Faculty appointments and promotions for the School of Medicine as well as the Faculty Appointment and Promotion forms (APP) are available on the Provost’s website.  The Boston University Faculty Handbook is also available in its entirety.   Please note there is a specific section for the medical school.  In addition, guidelines for the Department of Psychiatry Appointments and Guidelines can be accessed by following link or using the navigation link located on this page.

It is important to discuss your academic promotion with your Section Chief, Vice Chair, or the Chairman prior to initiating. Once is done, contact Andrea McLain, who will guide you through the process. She can be reached at andrea.mclain@bmc.org.

For any questions or concerns contact Michele in the Office of the Chairman. She can be reached at Michele.procida@bmc.org or by calling 617-414-1995.

Guidelines specific to the Department of Psychiatry

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