Helpful Tips

Tips to keep in mind when submitting a proposal:

1. You are not alone-putting together a grant is a team effort:

  • PI: working on science, finalizing collaborators
  • Dept Admin and/or OPD: developing budget, completing admin sections, completing/routing internal documents, uploading pieces into application, routing to OSP
  • OSP: conducts final review and submission of application (all applications for external funding need to be approved by OSP prior to submission)

2. Plan ahead- At a minimum, BU OSP deadline is 5 business days for admin sections and 2 business days before the deadline for complete application

3. Do you have a subcontract? Consultants? Collaborators? Additional paperwork is required from them which takes time

4. Discuss your project with your Dept. chief/chair – They need to approve it before OSP can submit, especially if there is a proposed cost-share.

5. Discuss your application with colleagues- They can be great resource for boiler plate information (resources, equipment, data sharing…etc) and help critique your science