Monty Montano Ph.D.

Medicine-Infectious Diseases

Office: EBRC, BldgX, Rm 640
Phone: 617-414-4806


Dr. Montano’s laboratory is broadly interested in HIV pathogenomics, immune and muscle cell interactions and the effects of aging on these processes. Research initiatives in the Montano laboratory include 1) analysis of the interaction between host immune factors (e.g., macrophages) and muscle stem cell remodeling during normal muscle remodeling and in muscle wasting disease, 2) the molecular phenotyping of candidate genes in aging and 3) the identification of prognostic serum biomarkers for anabolic response. The laboratory utilizes tools in molecular virology, quantitative analysis of gene and protein expression, and genome-wide microarray analysis to better understand genotypic and phenotypic associations with human health and inflammatory diseases.

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