Marie McDonnell Ph.D.


Office: 715 Albany St, E
Phone: 617-638-3219


The research interests of the McDonnell laboratory are in the underlying mechanisms explaining the path physiologic links between obesity and type 2 diabetes. She is developing a multidisciplinary research program to investigate the immunologic aspects of chronic inflammation in obesity-related type 2 diabetes, which relates not only to the development of the disease from insulin resistant pre-diabetic states, but to the progression of serious complications, such as cardiovascular disease. She is involved with the BMC’s Endocrinology, Diabetes and Weight Management Center and have co-developed adipose tissue biopsy techniques. This research group has been active in the area of inflammation, adipose tissue macrophages and insulin resistance, and they are able to associate the presence of organized groups of adipose tissue macrophage with systemic insulin resistance and vascular reactivity in humans. She is also working together with Dr. Ganley-Leal in investigating the role of circulating immune cells in the modulation of chronic inflammation in type 2 diabetes, specifically in defining the characteristics of TLR expression and function. They plan to further investigate aberrant TLR2 and TLR4 expression and function in this patient population in relation to endogenous ligands known to be elevated in type 2 diabetes, including LPS.

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