Jane Freedman Ph.D.


Office: W-507
Phone: 617-638-4022


The major research initiatives in Dr. Freedman’s laboratory emphasize the regulation of pathways contributing to atherothrombotic disease and how these factors contribute to acute coronary syndromes. A major initiative in the laboratory is examining the role of immunity, infection, and inflammation on atherothrombotic (specifically platelet function) disease through cell culture and animal studies. Drs. Genco, Ingalls, and Freedman have worked together on studies to define the role of platelets specific TLR signaling in response to microbial stimulation. In addition, Dr. Freedman is funded by the NHLBI to study gene expression in circulating cells (platelets and leukocytes) in the Offspring Cohort at the Framingham Heart Study. Gene expression, particularly genes related to atherothrombosis, are being studied to determine the relation with cardiovascular risk factors, phenotypes, and genetics. Dr. Freedman is also a member of the Framingham SABR project and her laboratory is specifically examining the relation of miRNA to cardiovascular disease in the Offspring Cohort of the Framingham Heart Study.

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