Frédéric F. Little M.D.


Phone: 617-638-4860


Dr. Little’s work is focused on the inflammatory response to allergic challenge of the airways.  Several projects range from clinical, to translational, to bench orientations. As part of a U01 he is defining the inflammatory phenotype in saliva and nasal lavage of asthmatics in different degrees of disease control. An active translational activity, in collaboration with Dr. Selim Ünlü, seeks to develop a point-of-care device to accurately detect allergen-specific IgE in subjects with suspected allergic rhinitis and asthma. His laboratory employs various strains of transgenic and null mice to define factors that modulate the allergic airway response in a model of allergic inflammation using ovalbumin. These studies have extended to examining the miRNA signature of remodeled airways following chronic antigen challenge, and will be extrapolated to related studies in the airways of patients with moderate and severe asthma.

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