In addition to their common research interests, many faculty have substantial evidence for collaborative interactions. Collectively the Program faculty have joint publications, joint grants, and have been involved in joint sponsorship of student research. We highlight the following collaborative efforts of the faculty: Drs. Hamilton and Wong are currently co-advising a predoctoral student  (Tua Pham). Drs. Genco and Gibson have support (R01 HL080387) to study the role of TLRs in atherosclerosis, and together with Drs. Wetzler, Ingalls, Freedman, Hamilton, Weinberg, and Walsh have a funded program project on pathogen induced innate immunity and chronic inflammation (PO1 AI078894). Drs. Gibson and Genco have support (R01 DE01831) to study infection-elicited oral bone loss and TLR2 ontogeny. Drs. Wetzler and Massari have grant support (R01 AI40944) to study microbial vaccine adjuvants. Dr. Ganley-Leal and Wetzler have worked together to study B cell specific mechanism of adjuvants with joint publications. Drs. Galagan and Kramnik having ongoing collaborations as do Drs. Henderson and Steffan. Drs. Hamilton, Freedman, Genco, and Walsh work together on a program project (Joseph Vita PI, P01 HL083801) to study vascular consequences of insulin resistance and obesity. Drs. Rifkin and Viglianti are funded on a program project (PO1 AR050256) to define innate immune mechanisms in autoimmune diseases. Drs. Genco, Gibson, and Van Dyke have worked on a previous program project grant to examine systemic inflammatory complications of periodontal diseases. Collaborative studies are also ongoing in the Lafyatis and Trojanoswka laboratories with a focus on autoimmunity.  Drs. Genco, Gibson, Wetzler, and Weinberg have NIH support (R01DE01949) to study microbial induced inflammation and bone loss. Drs. Ganley-Leal, McDonnell, and Van Dyke have pending support to study inflammatory bowel disease, periodontal disease, and diabetes. Drs. Shinchiro Kurosawa and Deborah Sterns-Kurosawa have support (AI75386; AI58107) and collaborations with Dr. Wetzler to study novel vaccine adjuavants. Drs. Genco Ingalls, and Massari were recently funded as part of a STD center (U19AI084048) to study intracellular signaling receptors utilized for N. gonorrhoeae induced proinflammatory responses. Drs. Ellner and Jones have worked together for a number of years on jointly funded projects to examine M. tuberculosis in Uganda and Brazil. Dr. Genco and Dr. Ünlü  currently have an existing collaboration on a NIAID funded RO1.Dr. Ünlü   collaborates with Dr. John Connor (Microbiology), and Dr. Frederic Little (Medicine-Pulmonary), on protein and virus detection for infectious diseases, development of allergy diagnostics, and transcription factor DNA assays.  It is anticipated that additional collaborations will continue to arise as part of this training grant.

To integrate training among mentors and trainees, foster cohesiveness, and  create mechanisms for connections between Departments and Schools the following will be implemented: 1) Monthly Grand Round Seminars where training faculty present their research to the entire training faculty and students that will be held at alternating campuses; 2) Bi monthly “jam” sessions for trainees and mentors in which defined research projects are discussed with an emphasis on approaches utilized by multiple scientific disciplines which we anticipate will lead to cross-fertilized research projects; 3) Weekly program specific seminar series held at alternating campuses; 4) Participation in new interdisciplinary courses including Inflammatory Disease and Therapeutics, Pathology Driven by Inflammation, and Biological Core Technologies, all co-taught by members of the training faculty; 5) Co-mentoring with faculty across campuses; and 6) Social Functions-First Fridays in which trainees and mentors meet on an informal basis of social and scientific exchange.

January 25, 2011
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