Mina Moussavi, Ph.D.

Mina Moussavi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Physiology & Biophysics

BSc: University of Calgary
PhD: University of Calgary

Phone: (617) 358-8760
Fax: (617) 358-8758
E-mail: mmoussa@bu.edu
Address: see below

Dr. Moussavi is a new member of the teaching faculty for several medical physiology courses at Boston University School of Medicine. She currently serves as the module director for the Cardiovascular System module in Principles Integrating Science and Medicine (PrISM) as well as course director of Physician Assistant Physiology. She is also involved in education for the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences and Dental Medicine program.

Her research experiences were centered on molecular neuroendocrinology, with particular interest in the multi-factorial control of the reproductive and somatic axis.

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Phone:(617) 358-8760
Fax: (617) 358-8758
e-mail: mmoussa@bu.edu