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Myosin V based intracellular motility

The transport of intracellular cargo often involves molecular motors, proteins that travel along cytoskeletal filaments. While in the Warshaw lab, I studied the mechanical and enzymatic properties of myosin V, a myosin molecular motor involved in organelle transport. Myosin V is involved in: the extension of filopodia in nerve growth cones, the transport of vacuoles and mRNA to the daughter cell in budding yeast, the transport of smooth endoplasmic reticulum into the dendritic spines of purkinje cells, and the transport of melanosomes into the dendridic processes of melanocytes (Reviewed in Mermall et al., 1998). For background and more detailed information on the myosin V experiments I performed while in the Warshaw lab at the University of Vermont click here

Lu X., Kazmierczak K., Jiang X.,  Jones M., Watt J., Helfman D., Moore J.R., Szczesna-Cordary D, Lossos D. (2011) Germinal Center Specific Protein HGAL Directly Interacts with Both Myosin and Actin and Increases the Binding of Myosin to Actin FEBS J. 11:1922-31 PMCID: PMC3097272

Moore, J., Krementsova, E., Trybus, K., Warshaw, D.,(2004) Is the myosin V neck a compliant lever?, J. Mus. Res. Cell Motil. 25(1):29-35.

Moore, J., Krementsova E, Trybus K, Warshaw D. (2001) Myosin V exhibits a high duty cycle and large unitary displacement, J. Cell Biol.,155 (4): 625-635 .
*See also Wells. W. (2001) “Myosin V: tight grip and big steps” J. Cell Biol.,155 (4): 495.

The above figure was modified from the Myosin Home Page.

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Insect flight muscle

As a graduate student in the laboratories of Dr. Vigoreaux and Dr. Maughan of the University of Vermont I studied the effects of induced and spontaneous contractile protein mutations on Drosophila flight performance, isolated flight muscle fiber mechanics and flight muscle ultrastructure. For more information about these experiments and some thoughts on stretch activation click here.

Irving T, Bhattacharya S, Tesic I, Moore, J., Farman, Simcox A, Vigoreaux J, Maughan D. (2001) Changes in myofibrillar structure and function produced by N-terminal deletion of the regulatory light chain in Drosophila. Submitted to J. Mus. Res. Cell Motil., 22(8):675-83.

Moore, J., Krementsova E, Trybus K, Warshaw D. (2001) Myosin V exhibits a high duty cycle and large unitary displacement, J. Cell Biol.,155 (4): 625-635 .
*See also Wells. W. (2001) “Myosin V: tight grip and big steps” J. Cell Biol.,155 (4): 495.

Moore, J., Dickinson M, Vigoreaux J, Maughan D. (2000) The Effect of removing the N-terminal extension of the Drosophila Myosin Regulatory Light Chain Upon Flight Ability and the Contractile Dynamics of Indirect Flight Muscle. Biophys J. 78: 1431-1440.

Vigoreaux J, Moore, J., Maughan D. (2000) Role of the elastic protein projectin in stretch activation and work output of Drosophila flight muscles. in “Elastic Filaments of the Cell”, Pollack G. and Granzier H, eds., Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers

Moore, J., Vigoreaux J, Maughan D. (1999) The Projectin mutant bentD/+ has reduced stretch activation and altered indirect flight muscle kinetics.J. Mus. Res. Cell Motil. 20: 797-806.

Maughan D, Moore, J., Vigoreaux J, Barnes B, Mulieri LA. (1998) Work production and work absorption in muscle strips from vertebrate cardiac and insect flight muscle fibers. Adv Exp Med Biol., 453:471-80

Vigoreaux JO, Hernandez C, Moore, J., Ayer G, Maughan D. (1998) A genetic deficiency that spans the flightin gene of Drosophila melanogaster affects the ultrastructure and function of the flight muscles. J Exp Biol., 201 ( Pt 13):2033-44

Dickinson MH, Hyatt CJ, Lehmann FO, Moore, J., Reedy MC, Simcox A, Tohtong R, Vigoreaux JO, Yamashita H, Maughan DW. (1997) Phosphorylation-dependent power output of transgenic flies: an integrated study. Biophys J.. 73(6):3122-34. PMCID: PMC1181215

Book Chapters

Moore, J., (2005) Stretch activation: Toward a molecular mechanism. in “Nature’s Versatile engine: Insect flight muscle Inside and Out”, Vigoreaux J., ed., Landes Bioscience Publishers.

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