Publications & Collaborations

Selected Publications

Yu, X., Wang, L., Acehan, D., Wang, X. and Akey, C.W. (2006). Three-dimensional structure of a double apoptosome formed by the Drosophila Apaf-1 related killer. J. Mol. Biol. 355, 577-589.

Yu, X., Acehan, D., Ménétret, J.F., Booth, C.R., Ludtke, S.J., Riedl, S. J., Shi, Y., Wang, X. and Akey, C.W. (2005). A structure of the human apoptosome at 12.8Å resolution provides insights into this cell death platform. Structure 13, 1725-1735.

Ménétret, J. F., Hegde, R.S., Heinrich S., Chandramouli, P., Ludtke, S.J., Rapoport, T. A., and Akey, C. W. (2005). Architecture of the ribosome-channel complex derived from native membranes. J. Mol. Biol. 348, 445-457.

Clemons Jr., W.M., Ménétret, J. F., Akey, C.W. and Rapoport, T. A. (2004). Structural insight into the protein translocation channel. Curr. Op. Struct. Biol. 14, 390-396.

Namboodiri, H.V.M., Akey, I.V., Schmidt-Zachmann, M.S., Head, J.F. and Akey, C.W. (2004). Structure and function of Xenopus NO38-core, a histone chaperone in the nucleolus. Structure 12, 2149-2160.

Namboodiri, H.V.M., Dutta, S., Akey, I.V., Head, J.F. and Akey, C.W. (2003). The crystal structure of Drosophila NLP-core at 1.5Å resolution provides insight into pentamer formation and histone binding. Structure 11, 175-186.

Akey, C.W. and Luger, K. (2003). Histone chaperones and nucleosome assembly. Curr. Op. Struct. Biol. 13, 6-14.
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Active Collaborators

Dr. Karen Allen
(acetoacetate decarboxylase; AADC)
Dr. Colin Dingwall
(N1 function)
Dr. Enno Hartmann
(TRAP function)
Dr. Reid Gilmore
(Oligosaccharyl transferase structure)
Dr. Jim Head
(protein crystallography)
Dr. Ramanujan Hegde
(cotranslational protein translocation)
Dr. Ralph Isberg
(Type IVb sectretory systems)
Dr. Sharad Kumar
(Dark structure and function)
Dr. Steven Ludtke
(single particle methods)
Dr. Martin Matzuk
(Npm2 structure and function)
Dr. Yoshihiro Nakatani
(histone complexes)
Dr. Gabriel Nunez
(NOD2 signaling platforms)
Dr. Tom Rapoport
(ER-channel complexes)
Dr. Michael Rout
(Yeast ribosome assembly and NPCs)
Dr. Andrej Sali
(molecular modeling of complexes)
Dr. Marion Schmidt-Zachmann
(NO29/NO38 histone chaperones)
Dr. Roger Sloboda
(p62 structure and function)
Dr. Xiaodong Wang
(Apaf1 and Dark apoptosomes)
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