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Lab Members

Lab Members 2006

(left to right) Ming Yang, James Head, Preethi Chandramouli, Olga Platonova, Ildiko Akey, Chris Akey, Sean Akey (honorary member), Xinchao Yu, Jeremiah Farelli, Yang Liu and J-F. Ménétret (Shujun Yuan not pictured).

Current Lab Members Email Phone
Dr. Christopher W. Akey
(laboratory head)
cakey@bu.edu 617 638 4051
Ildikó V. Akey
(laboratory supervisor/technician)
ildi@bu.edu 617 638 4088
Preethi Chandramouli
(image processing technician)
c_prithi@yahoo.com 617 638 4242
Jeremiah Farelli
(graduate student)
jfarelli@bu.edu 617 638 5210
Yang Liu
(graduate student)
yangliu@bu.edu 617 638 4088
Dr. Jean-Francois Ménétret
(research associate)
menetret@ bu.edu 617 638 4242
Dr. Olga Platonova
(post doc)
oplat@bu.edu 617 638 4088
Ming Yang
(graduate student)
yangming@bu.edu 617 638 5210
Dr. Xinchao Yu
(post doc)
yxinchao@bu.edu 617 638 5210
Shujun Yuan
(graduate student)
shujuny@bu.edu 617 638 5210
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Summer 2005

(left to right) Yang Liu, Suchiray Chaudhury, Jeremiah Farelli, Madhu Sharma, (Preethi’s husband, visitor) Chris Akey, Ildiko Akey, Preethi Chandramouli, Shujun Yuan, J-F. Menetret, Ming Yang, James Head, Olga Platonova.

Past Lab Members Email
Dr. Devrim Acehan
(graduate student and post doc)
Dr. Esther Bullitt
(post doc)
Dr. Shuchismita Dutta
(graduate student)
Dr. Dorit Hanein
(post doc)
Dr. David Gene Morgan
(post doc)
Dr. V. M. Haridasan Namboodiri
(post doc)
Dr. Suchi Raychaudhury
(graduate student)
Dr. Madhu Sharma
(graduate student)
Dr. Qing Yang
(graduate student)
Shuet Ming Yip
(Shirley; technician)
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May 18, 2010
Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine