The Department of Biophysics houses a state-of-the-art NMR facility with high resolution spectrometers operating at 500 (11.7 Tesla), and 300 MHz (7 Tesla). Instruction and maintenance of the instruments is provided by Jonathan Vural.

The Bruker DMX 500 is a three channel system with a Z-gradient amplifier and is equipped with a 5 mm triple resonance (1H, 13C, 15N) pulse-field gradient probe. There is also a 10 mm broadband probe and a CP-MAS probe for solids. This instrument is part of the Boston University NMR Core Facility directed by Dr. C. James McKnight.

The Bruker AMX 300 is a two channel spectrometer with a 5 mm proton selective probe, a 10 mm QNP probe. It is also equipped with a solids accessory and a CP-MAS probe. This instrument is directed by Dr. James Hamilton.

In addition to the computers associated with the spectrometers, extensive computer facilities are available for off-line NMR processing, peak picking, analysis and structure determination.