Molecular & Cellular Biology Core

The Molecular and Cellular Biology Core (Core D) provides technical expertise and state of the art molecular and cellular biology methodology for cloning and expression of the proteins described in the program project. This centralized operation co-ordinates all molecular biology work and ensures that all proteins are cloned and expressed in a uniform fashion. This is particularly important since several investigators plan to analyze different aspects of some of the same proteins. This uniformity greatly enhances accuracy of comparison between the proteins.

Depending on the requirement for the analysis of the protein (amount and/or modification of protein), the expression vectors are designed for expression in prokaryotic or eukaryotic cell lines.

Core D personnel also establishes cell lines expressing the proteins,  determines conditions for optimum protein expression and aids in the purification of the expressed protein.

All personnel in Core D trains new users associated with the projects in molecular biology and cell culture techniques and oversees proper use of cell culture facilities. This ensures safe maintenance of cell systems and guarantees compliance with NIH guidelines.

Department of Physiology & Biophysics
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April 1, 2014
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