Physiology and Biophysics gets NIH grant to update NMR Facility!

The BUSM has just been awarded a Shared Instrument Grant from the NIH to upgrade our Core Facility for Structural NMR.  The proposal  “A Console Upgrade and Cryogenic Probe for a 500 MHz NMR System for Biomedical Research” will provide state-of-the art electronics and a superconducting probe that will increase the sensitivity of the instrument approximately ten-fold.  This will provide superior spectra with less instrument time and allow research on samples not possible with the current instrument.

The PI of the proposal is C. James McKnight and the Major Users are Assen Marintchev, James Hamilton, Christopher Akey and David Atkinson from the Department of Physiology and Biophysics.  The Major Users outside of Physiology and Biophysics are Susan Fisher (Microbiology), David Harris (Biochemistry), Erdjan Salih (Oral Biology) and Stephen Blacklow (Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School).  The upgraded Facility will be managed by Jonathan Vural.

Here is a link to the Core Facility for Structural NMR:

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