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BU Neurorehabilitation Center

Center for Neurorehabilitation at Boston University, Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences

The Center for Neurorehabilitation at Boston University, Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences is comprised of a team of clinicians and researchers with expertise in rehabilitation and movement science.  The Center offers clinical, educational and research opportunities to persons with Parkinson’s disease.  Rehabilitation programs have been developed based on best evidence from the literature including the research conducted within the Center for Neurorehabilitation in collaboration with the BU Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Center.

Comprehensive consultations with a physical therapist are offered and individualized treatment programs are developed.  Exercises designed specifically to address issues commonly experienced by people with Parkinson’s disease are incorporated into rehabilitation programs.  In addition, community wellness programs for people with Parkinson’s disease have been developed and are currently implemented at the Center for Neurorehabilitation and in a variety of local communities.  Educational programs are conducted periodically both for health care professionals and for people with Parkinson’s disease. Please see the Center for Neurorehabilitation website for additional information.

September 19, 2011
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