Boston University PD Forum 2009

The 3rd Annual Parkinson’s Disease Forum was held this year at the Boston University Photonics Center on February 12th in an effort to energize new cross-disciplinary research programs. Clinicians and scientists from across campus came together to present their research on Parkinson’s through lectures and a poster session.

PD forum organizer Dr. Ben Wolozin designed a program that allowed many presenters an opportunity to describe their research projects and results to date. Dr. Marie Saint-Hilaire, Medical Director of the APDA Advanced Center for Research said, “The PD Forum advances goals of Parkinson’s Research, highlights the accomplishments of researchers at Boston University and enhances clinical care.”

At the forum, President of Boston University, Dr. Robert Brown, commended the university faculty on their collaborative work. He encouraged everyone to utilize their vibrant mix of knowledge, techniques and approaches to solve the complex puzzle that is Parkinson’s.

At the close, Dr’s Wolozin and Saint-Hilaire recapped the day’s scientific and clinical research findings, while Dr. Alice Cronin-Golomb gave chase with closing remarks and stirring questions about the implications of what we know and on future project cooperation.

Researchers involved came from the following BU Departments: Neurology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Genetics, Public Health, Bio-Informatics, Biomedical Engineering, Psychology, Neurorehabilitation and Neuromuscular Research.

You can read a summary of the research presented at the Forum and view event photos.

– Raymond James, BSc
Research Coordinator, BUMC Neurology

March 30, 2009
Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine