Student Financial Services (SFS) — School of Public Health


Q: Is there a deadline to apply for financial assistance?
A: There is no deadline to apply for financial assistance; however federal loans must be completed approximately one month prior to the last day of the semester for which you are applying for aid.

Q: The Student Link states my application is incomplete, why?
A: The Student Link is designed for undergraduate aid.  As a graduate student you can use many functions of the Student Link; however the application status is not accurate.  In order to check your application status you will need to contact SFS directly. Be sure to complete all steps listed on your Financial Aid Award Letter to properly accept your aid.

Q: When will my scholarship post to my account?
A: Typically offices that provide students with scholarship funding notify SFS as late as they can prior to the start of each semester to ensure accuracy of their reporting.  Please contact the department providing your scholarship for further details if needed or if you are unsure of the amount of your scholarship funding.  Late fees (if any) are always removed if the funding is posted to your account after the billing due date has passed and no remaining balance is due.

Q: I want to make changes to my SPH Merit Award, how do I do so?
A: Contact the Admissions department to make any alterations to your SPH Merit Award.

Q: Why didn’t I receive work study as part of my financial aid award?
A: Work study funding is limited.  To be considered for work study please contact our office at once you have received your Financial Aid Award Letter.

Q: I have a credit on my student account for use as living expenses, how do I receive the funds?
A: Complete a direct deposit request in the Student Link by visiting Money Matters, Student Account Inquiry, and then Request a Refund.  You will need to complete a new request each time you have a credit on your account you wish to receive.

Q: When can I receive my living expense funds by direct deposit?
A: Per federal regulations, SFS will direct deposit funds to your account after the first day of classes each semester.  Most students receive their funding over the first three days of their studies.

Q: How do I apply for financial aid for the next enrollment period?
A: Application materials for both fall and spring semesters are provided online to students during February.  The summer loan application is provided online to students during March.

Q: Is there anything else I need to do for my financial aid?
A: Be sure to complete all steps listed in your Financial Aid Award Letter to properly accept your aid.  SFS will contact you at your BU email address if additional information is required.