Exam Policy for Medical Students

A student who is unable to take a scheduled exam due to medical or family emergency must immediately notify the course manager. In an emergency where the course manager cannot be reached, students must contact the Associate Dean of Student Affairs at (617) 638-4166. Within ten days of the exam, all students must submit a written explanation for missing the exam to both the course manager and the Associate Dean of Student Affairs. All explanations must be accompanied by supporting documentation. Students should arrange directly with the course manager to take make-up exams, if indicated.

Postponing or modifying exam schedule; Excused absences

  • Exams are not to be postponed or taken early, unless for a compelling reason (personal illness or family emergency)
  • Students need to provide supporting documentation for all early, late, delayed, or missed exams
  • Students who arrive late will take the exam with remaining time
  • Students who miss an exam, unexcused, will receive a failing grade for that exam