Shuhan Zhu, MD

Assistant Professor of Neurology Neurology Clerkship Director

  • Title Assistant Professor of Neurology
    Neurology Clerkship Director
  • Office Shapiro Building, 725 Albany St., 7th floor, Boston, MA 02118
  • Phone 617-638-8456
  • Education Medical School: Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine, 2010
    Internship: Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, 2012
    Residency: Neurology, Boston University Medical Center, 2015
    Fellowship: Headache, Thomas Jefferson University, 2016

Shuhan Zhu, MD is an Assistant Professor of Neurology at the Boston University School of Medicine. She joined BU as an assistant professor after completing a fellowship in headache medicine, but her first stint with the university was a few years before. Before her fellowship, she was a resident in neurology at Boston Medical Center. She became chief resident and regularly lectured on clinical neurology topics. Now she develops curriculum for residents and is Neurology Clerkship Director. Dr. Zhu is a member of the Headache Cooperative of New England, the American Headache Society, the American Academy of Neurology, and the Massachusetts Medical Society. Recently, she was appointed as guest editor for the Pain Issue of Seminars in Neurology. Dr Zhu is board certified in Neurology and Headache Medicine.


Dr. Shuhan Zhu has been selected for membership to the BUMG Clinical Excellence Society in the “Excellence in Care” category. This award recognizes members who have demonstrated clinical excellence and who are exceptional role models for core BUMG values in their clinical work.

Recent publications:

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