Robert A. Stern, Ph.D.

Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery
Co-Director, Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical & Research Program
Boston University School of Medicine
Robinson Complex, Suite 7800
72 East Concord Street,
Boston, MA 02118-2526

Research Phone: 617-638-5678
Clinical Phone: 617-638-7100
Fax: 617-414-1197


Undergraduate: Wesleyan University, Psychology, Bachelor of Arts, 1980; Honors in Psychology; Heideman Prize for Community Contribution.

Graduate School: University of Rhode Island, Psychology, Master of Arts, 1984; Elected to Membership of Psi Chi National Honor Society in Psychology

University of Rhode Island, Clinical Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology Specialization), Ph.D., 1988, Dissertation: “Mood Disorders following Stroke.” Elected to Membership of Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society

Research Interests:

Dr. Stern’s primary areas of funded research include cognitive and emotional aspects of dementia, thyroid-brain relationships, driving and dementia, and HIV-associated brain dysfunction. His current research program involves studies of the role of thyroid functioning in Alzheimer’s disease, caregiver intervention projects, and the development and validation of tests of memory and other cognitive functions.

Recent Publications:

Qiu, W.Q, Mwamburi, M., Besser, L.M., Zhu, H., Li, H., Wallack, M., Phillips, L., Qiao, L., Budson, A., Stern, R. A., & Kowall, N. (in press). Angiotensin Converting Enzyme inhibitors and the reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease in the absence of Apoliprotein E4 allele. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Qiu, W.Q., Lai, A., Mon, T., Mwamburi, D.M., Taylor, W., Rosenzweig, J., Kowall, N., Stern, R. A., Zhu, H., & Steffens, D.C. (in press). Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors and Alzheimer’s disease in the Presence of Apolipoprotein E4 Allele. American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

Lin, A.P., Ramadan, S., Stern, R. A., Box, H.C., Nowinski, C.J., Ross, B.D., & Mountford, C.E. (in press). Changes in the neurochemistry of athletes with repetitive brain trauma: Preliminary results using 2D correlated spectroscopy. Alzheimer’s Research and Therapy.

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Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine