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Job Opportunity:  Postdoctoral Fellow

Opportunity:  A position as a postdoctoral fellow is immediately available in the laboratory of George J. Murphy, Ph.D at Boston University/Boston Medical Center.  The position is in the field of stem cell biology and hematopoiesis, and is a great opportunity for a motivated individual interested in gaining experience, technical expertise and a publication record for a career in high-level research.

Duties and Responsibilities: Highly motivated, successful candidates will implement and coordinate ongoing research projects as well as design and direct novel strategies utilizing iPS (induced pluripotent stem) cell modeling of blood bourne diseases. Applicants with technical expertise related to stem cell biology, viral gene transfer, and molecular biology are preferred.  Familiarity with procedures including but not restricted to plasmid and genomic DNA isolation, cloning, cell culture, PCR, blotting, various tissue culture procedures, and molecular biology techniques would be helpful.   Candidate will also be directly involved in executing a wide array of in vivo technical procedures. The candidate must be able to work independently as well as part of a team.

Basic Qualifications: Relevant laboratory experience; especially familiarity with molecular biology, biochemistry, and tissue culture techniques is necessary. The position is available to green card holders only per restriction by the funding agency. 

Additional Qualifications: Ph.D in biological science preferred. The successful candidate should be able to manage multiple detail-oriented tasks with minimal supervision, capable of trouble-shooting and critical thinking, self-motivated, dedicated and creative.


Contact:  Please forward contact details and a current CV/resume to Dr. George J. Murphy at


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August 11, 2009
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