Mass Spectrometry Shared Instrumentation Laboratory

The BUSM Mass Spectrometry Resource operates two shared mass spectrometers to meet biomolecular mass spectral analysis needs of a group of NIH-funded investigators on the medical campus. These instruments were funded through the NIH/NCRR Shared Instrument (S10) program.

These instruments are:

Here is information on how the instrument are operated.

  1. The instruments are used for ongoing collaborative projects involving post-translationally modified proteins, carbohydrates, or other glycoconjugates.
  2. These instruments are not used for routine proteomics service.
  3. Use of these instruments is through academic collaboration. Principal Investigators wishing to collaborate should contact Prof. Costello or Prof. Zaia. Typically a member of the collaborating lab works with a member of the Center for Biomedical Mass Spectrometry Staff. These people will work together to acquire and analyze the data.

For infomation on initiating a collaborating a contract, please contact Prof. Catherine E. Costello or Prof. Joseph Zaia.

Only samples representing no biological hazard may be analyzed using the shared instrumentation.

  • All samples must be safe to manipulate on an open bench top.
  • All samples must be non-radioactive.
  • The Principal Investigator must certify that all samples represent no biological hazard and are not radioactive.

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