Microbiology and Immunology Trainee Seminar and Journal Club Series

The Department of Microbiology and Immunology Training Program Trainee Seminar/Journal Club sessions are held on Mondays at 12:00 noon in NEW LOCATION, NEIDL first floor conference room, unless otherwise noted. **See below for access information.

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Spring 2019
February 4 Journal Club Alexander Gold Beerli, C., et al. 2018. Vaccinia virus hijacks EGFR signalling to enhance virus spread through rapid and directed infected cell motility. Nat. Microbiol. [Epub ahead of print].
11 Student Seminars Whitney Manhart
(Mostoslavsky and
Mühlberger Labs)
Aditya Mithal
(Mostoslavsky Lab)
“Development of an Ebola Virus Infection Model using iPSC-Derived Hepatocytes”
“iPSC Modeling of Tissue Resident Macrophage Function in Crohn’s Disease Pathogenesis”
18 No Seminar
25 Journal Club Sallieu Jalloh Daniels, B.P. et al. 2019. The nucleotide sensor ZBP1 and kinase RIPK3 induce the enzyme IRG1 to promote an antiviral metabolic state in neurons. Immunity 50:64-76.
March 4
11 Journal Club Christine Odom Pillponsky, A.M. et al. 2019. Basophil-Derived tumor necrosis factor can enhance survival in a sepsis model in mice. Nat. Immunol. 20:129-140.
18 Student Seminars Michael Breen
(Fearns Lab)
Allison Thomas
(Sagar Lab)
“Characterizing the Lung B Memory Cell Population after Respiratory Viral Infection”
“Investigating the Role of ADCC in the Prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission of HIV-1”
Mar 22, 12:00 PM in L110
Dissertation Defense Seminar Matthew Gagne “Cellular Mechanisms that Establish
HIV-1 Latency in CD4+ T Cells and the Potential for their Manipulation as a Therapeutic Strategy”
25 Journal Club Laura Avena Santiana, M. et al. 2018. Vesicle-Cloaked Virus Clusters are Optimal Units for Inter-organismal Viral Transmission. Cell Host Microbe 24(2):208-220.
April 1 Journal Club Bukola Adeoye Castellano, P. et al. 2019. HIV Infection and Latency Induce a Unique Metabolic Signature in Human Macrophages. Sci. Rep. 9(1):3941-3954.
8 No Seminar
15 No Seminar
22 Student Seminars Fumiaki Aihara
(Kepler Lab)
Albert Jones
(Dooms Lab)
“The Influence of the Lung Virome on Pulmonary B Cells”
“Determining the Role of IL-7 Signaling in Type 1 Diabetes”
29 Journal Club Neelou Etesami Velazquez, E., et al. 2019. Endogenous Enterobacteriaceae Underlie Variation in Susceptibility to Salmonella Infection. Nat. Microbiol. [epub ahead of print].
June 12  at
11:00 a.m.
Qualifying Exam Seminars Sallieu Jalloh
Alexander Gold
“Elucidating the Mechanism and Consequences of HIV-1-Induced Innate Immune Activation in Microglia”
“The Role of Exosomes in Human to Mosquito Transmission of Dengue Viruses”
14 at
11:00 a.m.
Qualifying Exam Seminars Neelou Etesami,
Jeffrey Kuniholm,
Carolina Lyon de Ana
“Characterization of Outer Membrane Vesicles and PorB1B as Novel Gonococcal Vaccine Candidates,”

“The Effects of TLR Ligand Vaccine Adjuvants on T Cell Memory”
“The T Cell Landscape of Heterotypic Immune Lungs”

July 1 Qualifying Exam Seminar Christine Odom “Hepatocyte STAT3-Dependent Mechanisms of Limiting Pneumonia Susceptibility During Sepsis”
10 Qualifying Exam Seminar Bukola Adeoye Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) Infection Impacts Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 (HIV-1) Specific Humoral Responses in HIV-1/MTB Coinfection”

**If this is your first time attending a seminar in NEIDL, you need to register for NEIDL seminar card access. Please email aco-list@bu.edu the following information:

  • Full Name (including middle)
  • Date of Birth
  • BU or BMC Employee or Student ID Number

Proximity/tap ID badge required for access. Swipe ID badges can be upgraded at no charge by going to the ID office located at 710 Albany St.

Please email aco-list@bu.edu or with any questions.