Microbiology and Immunology Trainee Seminar and Journal Club Series

The Department of Microbiology, Program in Infectious Diseases Training Program, and Immunology Training Program Trainee Seminar/Journal Club sessions are held on Mondays at 12:00 noon in NEW LOCATION, X715 (7th floor, X building) unless otherwise noted.

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Spring 2018
January 29 Microbiology Journal Club Michael Breen McCarthy, K.R. et al. 2018. Memory B Cells that Cross-React with Group 1 and Group 2 Influenza A Viruses are Abundant in Adult Human Repertoires. Immunity 48(1):174-184.
February 5 Immunology Journal Club Fumiaki Aihara Grist, J.T. et al. 2018. Extracellular Lactate: A Novel Measure of T Cell Proliferation. J. Immunol.  
12 No Seminar
Feb 16,
12:00 PM
in X714
Dissertation Defense Seminar Ludy Registre “Examination of the Role of Envelope Directed Antibodies on Co-Receptor Usage in HIV-1B Infection”
19 No Seminar
Feb 20,
1:00 PM
Dissertation Defense Seminar Michelle Fleury “Expression and Function of Co-Inhibitory Receptors PD-1, TIGIT, TIM-3, and LAG-3 in Systemic Sclerosis”
26 Student Seminars Whitney Manhart
(Mostoslavsky and Mühlberber Labs)
Rachel Yuen
(Wetzler Lab)
“Investigating a Virus that Doesn’t Exist: Generating a Minigenome System for Lloviu Virus”
“The Effect of Adjuvants on the Germinal Center Response and Development of Humoral  Immunological Memory”
March 5 Microbiology Journal Club Allison Thomas Turner, D.L. et al. 2018. Biased Generation and In Situ Activation of Lung Tissue-Resident Memory CD4 T Cells in the Pathogenesis of Allergic Asthma. J. Immunol. 200(5):1561-1569.
12 Student Seminars Eric Brownhill
(Kramnik Lab)
Jaileene Hernandez Escalante
(Dooms Lab)
“Interferon Immunopathology: Evaluating the Drivers of Susceptibility to M. tuberculosis Infection”
“Investigating the Influence of Fatty Acids on T1D Autoreactive Prone T Cells”
19 No Seminar
26 Student Seminars Kimberly Barker
(Mizgerd Lab)
Sarah Nodder
(Gummuluru Lab)
“Investigating B Cell Contributions to Heterotypic Anti-Pneumococcal Immunity”
“Unintegrated HIV DNA: Dead End or Secret Reservoir?”
April 2 No Seminar
Tuesday, Apr 3,
10:00 AM
Dissertation Defense Seminar Ian Francis “The Characterization of Novel Transgenic Murine Models of Neisseria Gonorrhoeae Infection and Development of a Natural Outer Membrane Vesicle Anti-Gonococcal Vaccine Candidate”
Thursday, Apr 5,
11:00 AM
Dissertation Defense Seminar Stephanie Pavlovich “Genomic Analysis and Examination of Innate Antiviral Immunity in the Egyptian Rousette Bat”
9 Immunology Journal Club Alexander Barron Viera, S.M. et al. Translocation of a gut Pathobiont Drives Autoimmunity in Mice and Humans. Science 359(6380):1156-1161.

Accompanying Perspective Article
Citi, S. Intestinal Barriers Protect Against Disease. Science 359(6380):1097-1098.

16 No Seminar
23 Postdoctoral Seminars John Ruedas
(Connor Lab)
Barbara Ludeke
(Fearns Lab)
“Change is Happening: Investigation of a Series of Growth-Adaptive Mutations Emerging in the Ebola Makona Glycoprotein”
“Building Blocks for a Non-Isotopic Assay for RSV RNA Polymerase Activity”
Apr 25,
2:00 PM
Dissertation Defense Seminar Sila Ataca “Biophysical Characterization of Affinity Maturation in the Human Response to Anthrax Vaccine”


May 14 Qualifying Exam Seminars Albert Jones
Aditya Mithal,
Allison Thomas
“Impacts of IL-7 Signaling Inhibition on Type 1 Diabetes”
“Defective Macrophages- Investigating a New Paradigm of Crohn’s Disease Pathogenesis”
“Investigating the Role of Antibodies Capable of Mediating Cellular Cytotoxicity in Mother-to-Child-Transmission of HIV-1”
May 15,
12:00 PM
in L112
Qualifying Exam Seminars Fumiaki Aihara
Michael Breen
“The Influence of the Lung Virome on Pulmonary B Cells”
“Characterizing the Lung B Memory Cell Population after Respiratory Viral Infection”


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