Microbiology and Immunology Trainee Seminar and Journal Club Series

The Department of Microbiology, Program in Infectious Diseases Training Program, and Immunology Training Program Trainee Seminar/Journal Club sessions are held on Mondays at 12:00 noon in NEW LOCATION, L110 unless otherwise noted.

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Fall 2018
September 17 Student Seminars Alexander Barron
(Browning Lab)
Matthew Gagne
(Henderson Lab)
“T Cell Accumulation Accompanies Vascular Adventitial Fibroblast Specialization in the Inflamed Human Dermis”
“Strength of T Cell Signaling Regulates HIV-1 Replication and Establishment of Latency”
24 No Seminar
October 1 Student Seminar R Baer
(Galagan Lab)
“Development of a Cell-Based Steroid Biosensor for Directed Evolution of a Bacterial Progesterone Sensitive Transcription Factor”
8 No Seminar
15 Journal Club Jaileene Hernandez Escalante Akondy, R.S., et al. 2017. Origin and Differentiation of Human Memory CD8 T Cells after Vaccination. Nature 552:362-367.
22 Student Seminars Tessa Cressey
(Fearns and Mühlberger Labs)
Kyle Pedro
(Henderson Lab)
“Structural Determinants of the RSV Polymerase Involved in Coordinating the RNA Synthesis Initiation Complex”
“Investigating the Role of Novel HIV-2 Transcription Factors”
29 Journal Club
November 5 Student Seminars Molly Braun
(Fearns Lab)
Rachel Yuen
(Wetzler Lab)
“RNA Binding Properties and Localizations of the RSV Transcription Elongation Factor, M2-1”
12 No Seminar
19 Journal Club
26 Student Seminars Kimberly Barker
(Mizgerd Lab)
Sarah Nodder
(Gummuluru Lab)
December 3 Journal Club
10 Student Seminars Eric Brownhill
(Kramnik Lab)
Jaileene Hernandez Escalante
(Dooms Lab)


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