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Chatterjee A, Ratner DM, Ryan CM, Johnson PJ, O’Keefe BR, Secor WE, Anderson DJ, Robbins PW, Samuelson J. 2015. Anti-Retroviral Lectins Have Modest Effects on Adherence of Trichomonas vaginalis to Epithelial Cells In Vitro and on Recovery of Tritrichomonas foetus in a Mouse Vaginal Model.  PLoS One. 10(8):e0135340. PMID: 26252012

Anderson DJ, Politch JA. 2015. Role of Seminal Plasma in Human Female Reproductive Failure: Immunomodulation, Inflammation, and Infections.  Adv Exp Med Biol. 868:159-69. PMID: 26178849

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Bienkowska J, Allaire N, Thai A, Goyal J, Plavina T, Nirula A, Weaver M, Newman C, Petri M, Beckman E, Browning JL. 2014. Lymphotoxin-LIGHT pathway regulates the interferon signature in rheumatoid arthritis.  PLoS One. 2014 Nov 18;9(11):e112545. eCollection 2014. PMID: 25405351

Snyder-Cappione JE, Nixon DF, Chi JC, Nguyen ML, Kirby CK, Milush JM, Koth LL. 2013. Invariant natural killer T (iNKT) cell exhaustion in sarcoidosis. Eur J Immunol. 43(8):2194-205. PMID: 23661497

Tincati C, Cappione AJ III, and Snyder-Cappione J. 2012. Distinguishing Latent from Active Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection Using Elispot Assays: Looking Beyond Interferon-gamma. Cells 1(2), 89-99.

Connor JH, Yen J, Caballero IS, Garamszegi S, Malhotra S, Lin K, Hensley L, Goff AJ. 2015. Transcriptional Profiling of the Immune Response to Marburg Virus Infection. J Virol. Jul 22. [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 26202234

Lin KL, Twenhafel NA, Connor JH, Cashman KA, Shamblin JD, Donnelly GC, Esham HL, Wlazlowski CB, Johnson JC, Honko AN, Botto MA, Yen J, Hensley LE, Goff AJ. 2015. Temporal Characterization of Marburg Angola Infection Following Aerosol Challenge in Rhesus Macaques. J Virol. 2015 Jul 22. pii: JVI.01147-15. [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 26202230

Mire CE, Geisbert JB, Versteeg KM, Mamaeva N, Agans KN, Geisbert TW, Connor JH. 2015.  A Single-Vector, Single-Injection Trivalent Filovirus Vaccine: Proof of Concept Study in Outbred Guinea Pigs.  J Infect Dis. May 9. [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 25957964

Filone CM, Dower K, Cowley GS, Hensley LE, Connor JH. 2015. Probing the virus host interaction in high containment: an approach using pooled short hairpin RNA.  Assay Drug Dev Technol. 13(1):34-43. PMID: 25646658

Nguyen DT, Louwen R, Elberse K, van Amerongen G, Yüksel S, Luijendijk A, Osterhaus AD, Duprex WP, de Swart RL. 2015.  Streptococcus pneumoniae Enhances Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection In Vitro and In Vivo. PLoS One. 10(5):e0127098. . PMID: 25970287

de Vries RD, Duprex WP, de Swart RL. 2015.  Morbillivirus infections: an introduction. Viruses. 7(2):699-706. PMID: 25685949

Lemon K, Nguyen DT, Ludlow M, Rennick LJ, Yüksel S, van Amerongen G, McQuaid S, Rima BK, de Swart RL, Duprex WP. 2015. Recombinant subgroup B human respiratory syncytial virus expressing enhanced green fluorescent protein efficiently replicates in primary human cells and is virulent in cotton rats. J Virol. 89(5):2849-56. PMID: 25540371

Shivakoti R, Hauer D, Adams RJ, Lin WH, Duprex WP, de Swart RL, Griffin DE. 2015. Limited in vivo production of type I or type III interferon after infection of macaques with vaccine or wild-type strains of measles virus. J Interferon Cytokine Res. 35(4):292-301. PMID: 25517681

Duignan PJ, Van Bressem MF, Baker JD, Barbieri M, Colegrove KM, De Guise S, de Swart RL, Di Guardo G, Dobson A, Duprex WP, Early G, Fauquier D, Goldstein T, Goodman SJ, Grenfell B, Groch KR, Gulland F, Hall A, Jensen BA, Lamy K, Matassa K, Mazzariol S, Morris SE, Nielsen O, Rotstein D, Rowles TK, Saliki JT, Siebert U, Waltzek T, Wellehan JF. 2014.  Phocine distemper virus: current knowledge and future directions. Viruses. 6(12):5093-134. doi: 10.3390/v6125093. Review. PMID: 25533658

Deval J, Hong J, Wang G, Taylor J, Smith LK, Fung A, Stevens SK, Liu H, Jin Z, Dyatkina N, Prhavc M, Stoycheva AD, Serebryany V, Liu J, Smith DB, Tam Y, Zhang Q, Moore ML, Fearns R, Chanda SM, Blatt LM, Symons JA, Beigelman L. 2015. Molecular Basis for the Selective Inhibition of Respiratory Syncytial Virus RNA Polymerase by 2′-Fluoro-4′-Chloromethyl-Cytidine Triphosphate. PLoS Pathog. 11(6):e1004995. PMID: 26098424

Noton SL, Nagendra K, Dunn EF, Mawhorter ME, Yu Q, Fearns R. 2015. Respiratory Syncytial Virus Inhibitor AZ-27 Differentially Inhibits Different Polymerase Activities at the Promoter. J Virol. 89(15):7786-98. PMID: 25995255

Dickey LL, Duncan JK, Hanley TM, Fearns R. 2015. Decapping protein 1 phosphorylation modulates IL-8 expression during respiratory syncytial virus infection. Virology 481:199-209. PMID: 25796077

Noton SL, Fearns R. 2015. Initiation and regulation of paramyxovirus transcription and replication. Virology 479-480:545-54. PMID: 25683441

Munday DC, Wu W, Smith N, Fix J, Noton SL, Galloux M, Touzelet O, Armstrong SD, Dawson JM, Aljabr W, Easton AJ, Rameix-Welti MA, de Oliveira AP, Simabuco FM, Ventura AM, Hughes DJ, Barr JN, Fearns R, Digard P, Eléouët JF, Hiscox JA. 2015. Interactome analysis of the human respiratory syncytial virus RNA polymerase complex identifies protein chaperones as important cofactors that promote L-protein stability and RNA synthesis. J Virol. 89(2):917-30. PMID: 25355874

Knapp GS, Lyubetskaya A, Peterson MW, Gomes AL, Ma Z, Galagan JE, McDonough KA. 2015. Role of intragenic binding of cAMP responsive protein (CRP) in regulation of the succinate dehydrogenase genes Rv0249c-Rv0247c in TB complex mycobacteria. Nucleic Acids Res. 43(11):5377-93. PMID: 25940627

Minch KJ, Rustad TR, Peterson EJ, Winkler J, Reiss DJ, Ma S, Hickey M, Brabant W, Morrison B, Turkarslan S, Mawhinney C, Galagan JE, Price ND, Baliga NS, Sherman DR. 2015. The DNA-binding network of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Nat Commun. 6:5829. PMID: 25581030

Hurley JM, Dasgupta A, Emerson JM, Zhou X, Ringelberg CS, Knabe N, Lipzen AM, Lindquist EA, Daum CG, Barry KW, Grigoriev IV, Smith KM, Galagan JE, Bell-Pedersen D, Freitag M, Cheng C, Loros JJ, Dunlap JC. 2014. Analysis of clock-regulated genes in Neurospora reveals widespread posttranscriptional control of metabolic potential. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 111(48):16995-7002. PMID: 25362047

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Kaczmarek Michaels K, Natarajan M, Euler Z, Alter G, Viglianti G, Henderson AJ. 2015. Blimp-1, an intrinsic factor that represses HIV-1 proviral transcription in memory CD4+ T cells. J Immunol. 194(7):3267-74. PMID: 25710909

Collins MH, Henderson AJ. 2014. Transcriptional regulation and T cell exhaustion. Curr Opin HIV AIDS. 9(5):459-63. PMID: 2501089

Beaulieu LM, Clancy L, Tanriverdi K, Benjamin EJ, Kramer CD, Weinberg EO, He X, Mekasha S, Mick E, Ingalls RR, Genco CA, Freedman JE. 2015. Specific Inflammatory Stimuli Lead to Distinct Platelet Responses in Mice and Humans. PLoS One. 10(7):e0131688. PMID: 26148065

Kramer CD, Weinberg EO, Gower AC, He X, Mekasha S, Slocum C, Beaulieu LM, Wetzler L, Alekseyev Y, Gibson FC 3rd, Freedman JE, Ingalls RR, Genco CA. 2014. Distinct gene signatures in aortic tissue from ApoE-/- mice exposed to pathogens or Western diet. BMC Genomics. 15:1176. PMID: 25540039

Nicely NI, Wiehe K, Kepler TB, Jaeger FH, Dennison SM, Rerks-Ngarm S, Nitayaphan S, Pitisuttithum P, Kaewkungwal J, Robb ML, O’Connell RJ, Michael NL, Kim JH, Liao HX, Munir Alam S, Hwang KK, Bonsignori M, Haynes BF. 2015. Structural analysis of the unmutated ancestor of the HIV-1 envelope V2 region antibody CH58 isolated from an RV144 vaccine efficacy trial vaccine. EBioMedicine. 2(7):713-22. PMID: 26288844

Williams WB, Liao HX, Moody MA, Kepler TB, Alam SM, Gao F, Wiehe K, Trama AM, Jones K, Zhang R, Song H, Marshall DJ, Whitesides JF, Sawatzki K, Hua A, Liu P, Tay MZ, Seaton KE, Shen X, Foulger A, Lloyd KE, Parks R, Pollara J, Ferrari G, Yu JS, Vandergrift N, Montefiori DC, Sobieszczyk ME, Hammer S, Karuna S, Gilbert P, Grove D, Grunenberg N, McElrath MJ, Mascola JR, Koup RA, Corey L, Nabel GJ, Morgan C, Churchyard G, Maenza J, Keefer M, Graham BS, Baden LR, Tomaras GD, Haynes BF. 2015. HIV-1 VACCINES. Diversion of HIV-1 vaccine-induced immunity by gp41-microbiota cross-reactive antibodies. Science. 349(6249):aab1253. PMID: 26229114

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Traber KE, Hilliard KL, Allen E, Wasserman GA, Yamamoto K, Jones MR, Mizgerd JP, Quinton LJ. 2015. Oncostatin M Induces STAT3-dependent CXCL5 Expression and Neutrophil Recruitment During Pneumonia. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 25692402

Hilliard KL, Allen E, Traber KE, Yamamoto K, Stauffer NM, Wasserman GA, Jones MR, Mizgerd JP, Quinton LJ. 2015. The Lung-Liver Axis: A Requirement for Maximal Innate Immunity and Hepatoprotection during Pneumonia. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 53(3):378-90. PMID: 25607543

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Ip, B, Cilfone, N, Belkina, AC, DeFuria, J, Jagannathan-Bogdan, M, Zhu, M, Kuchibhatla, R, McDonnell, ME, Xiao, Q, Kepler, TB, Apovian, CM, Lauffenburger, DA and Nikolajczyk, BS. 2015. Th17 cytokines differentiate obesity from obesity-associated type 2 diabetes and promote TNFα production. Obesity. (In Press).

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Barlam TF, Morgan JR, Wetzler LM, Christiansen CL, Drainoni ML. 2015. Antibiotics for respiratory tract infections: a comparison of prescribing in an outpatient setting. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol. 36(2):153-9. PMID: 25632997

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