Dr. Stephen Brady-HIV Principal Investigator


My research is a reflection of my clinical interest in the intersection HIV/AIDS risk and mental disorders. I believe strongly in what might be called “grass roots” scientific inquiry that identifies a clinical dilemma, develops and describes clinical interventions for ameliorating the problem, and tests their feasibility and effectiveness. I started my clinical work in Southern California at the very beginning of the AIDS crisis working with gay men diagnosed with the disease and continue to counsel gay men in my private practice. Since gay men have been at increased risk for HIV since the beginning of the epidemic I have spent a lot of time thinking about how untreated mental disorders including trauma related disorders impacts risk behavior. I’ve described these observations in a number of clinically focused publications.

My clinical experience has also involved treating very diverse clients in community mental health centers where we observed that people with mental disorders and high rates of homelessness may be at increased risk for HIV/AIDS. Thus began my attempts to develop and test primary and secondary interventions to reduce HIV/AIDS in vulnerable populations resulting in our first publication in this area over 20 years ago and continuing to our current project testing the efficacy of brief individualized primary and secondary prevention intervention for 300+ people with serious mental disorders. I remain passionate about the need for clinicians to be engaged in research.