Kaitlin Spitz, LMHC

Teaching Instructor


I received my B.A. in Psychology at the University of Rhode Island and a M.A. degree in Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine, at Boston University, School of Medicine.


I am thrilled to be teaching in the program in which I graduated from years ago!

I have worked as a licensed clinician in college mental health for the past four years.I began my career as a Clinical Counselor and Health Educator at Lasell College’s Counseling Center in Newton, MA. In my time at Lasell I enjoyed providing individual counseling and clinical evaluation for undergraduate students. I created and implemented a comprehensive health education program called Peer Health Education. Lastly, I concentrated on training and educating faculty, staff and students on issues including,sexual assault, intimate partner violence, substance abuse, and a variety mental health topics.
I currently work at Boston University Behavioral Medicine Center as a Behavioral Medicine Therapist. I maintain an active caseload, provide clinical evaluation and short term psychotherapy for Boston University undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, I have a small private practice in Needham, MA primarily working with the young adult and adult population.

Questions and Answers

Q: What is your theoretical orientation and your teaching philosophy?

I would describe my theoretical orientation as relational. I strongly believe that the client-therapist relationship is an important part of psychotherapy and can help a client understand relationship patterns, personal histories, and ways of relating to the world.  Cognitive behavioral is a second approach that I use in psychotherapy.

My teaching philosophy is one of collaboration. I believe the best and most successful classes are those in which the students work as a team and participate. A team environment is important to me in helping each other learn new and different perspectives for their clinical work.

Q: Why did you choose to enter the field of psychology and counselor education?

I became interested in this field because like many others I like to help others. What I find so interesting is that the psychology field is always growing and expanding. In this field I can continue to learn every day whether it be in the classroom with students or with clients. I never get bored!

Q: What do you enjoy most about teaching in the MHCBM Program?

I am a graduate of this program so I feel strongly that I can explain how wonderful this program is! I enjoy helping students navigate the different career choices that clinicians have. Students bring their own knowledge and experiences into the classroom which makes it an exciting environment to learn in. Each day is different whether I am speaking with a student or a client and this keeps it interesting.

Kaitlin Spitz is currently teaching (GMS-MH-921 – D1)

  • Internship Supervision Fall 2012