Mrs. Bernice R. Mark

Mrs. Bernice  R. Mark

Program, Coordinator


I am the Program Coordinator for the Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine Program. My husband and I have been married for over 23 years and raised two beautiful children.  The oldest is doing very well and lives with his family and the youngest recently  graduated in May of 2016 with a B.A in Criminal Justice at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth,

My employment at Boston University began in the spring of 1995, within (GMS) the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences. Over the years, I developed a challenging and rewarding career working with the medical school faculty members and departmental chairs assisting graduate students within GMS. In the fall of 2003, I was offered a position in the Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine Program. I have a number of responsibilities including working with the core faculty, graduate students and managing budgets and work-study students. I also serve as a key liaison to GMS for the program.

Today, as the Program Coordinator in the MHCBM program I continue to work directly with the Program Director and the core faculty members in promoting and structuring a successful program that I am excited to be a part of nurturing.

This year marks my 22nd year of service at Boston University, and I look forward to continuing my career within this university.