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Top Ten Reasons – To Choose BU

10. Boston is a unique and dynamic city, internationally recognized for its educational institutions and opportunities.

9. Boston University is the 4th largest private university in the U.S. with very substantial research support, much of which is focused on the School of Medicine.

8. The modest size of the MHCBM Program and opportunity to take selected classes with other BU graduate students fosters intimacy and interdisciplinary collaboration.

7. Faculty advisors work closely with each student to develop a learning plan, explore clinical placement options, prepare for licensure, and apply for jobs.

6. Faculty assist students in identifying research opportunities, to include clinical field research experiences in a BUSM-affiliated lab.

5. In addition to the core mental health curriculum we have coursework in behavioral medicine, neuroscience, psychopharmacology and human sexuality.

4. We prepare graduates for a wide range of career options and further education including as a clinical mental health counselor, research study coordinator, nurse practitioner, and doctoral studies in Counseling Education, Psychology, Neuroscience or Medicine.

3. Opportunity to work closely with esteemed faculty who are active clinicians, researchers, consultants, and contributors to the research literature.

2. Unique and varied field work experiences in a dynamic and diverse hospital and non-hospital based settings serving children, adolescents and adults.

1. We are the only Clinical M.A. Program in Mental Health Counseling in the U.S. housed in a School of Medicine.