Leah (So Yoon) Lee was awarded this year’s Ruth Levine Scholarship

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March 6th, 2013

Hello, everyone! I am thrilled to share the most exciting news (along with my upcoming baby on graduation day) with you all. I recently heard that I became the recipient of the 2012-2013 Ruth and Martin Levine Scholarship in Graduate Medical Education. For those who are not familiar with it, the Ruth and Martin Levine Scholarship in Graduate Medical Sciences is made possible by the generous donation of Ruth R. Levine, PhD. Dr. Levine was the first Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Sciences and a faculty member at BUSM for many years. Given her own life experiences her wish was to allocate “income to provide annual scholarship awards to one or more graduate students enrolled in the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences, who have demonstrated excellent scholarship.” Well, I am extremely honored as well as grateful for the opportunity that I have received.

To me, a good physician or any health care provider who treats patients in person should be very well trained not only in clinical diagnosis and modalities of care, but also in patient care and competencies in clinical skills. This is the main reason why I applied for a dual degree in Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine (MHCBM) program where the primary objective is to learn in mental health counseling interventions with a complementary background in behavioral medicine and neuroscience. The emphasis of MHCBM program has taught me to gain insights and clinical skills in patient care in order to be a better-qualified physician.

As I will be receiving my masters in GMS and MHCBM program in May of 2013, I am confident to say that I have gained a strong foundation in both biological and clinical skills to become a better physician. I hope to continue my involvement with Boston University as a part of MHCBM program alumni in Boston University. May all the best to all of your future!!