Systematic Review Service

Beginning a systematic review?

Librarians are experts in systematic searching. The Library’s Systematic Review Service is here to advise and support you in conducting reviews of many kinds, including: systematic reviews, systematized reviews, scoping reviews, rapid reviews, umbrella reviews, and literature reviews.1

Search strategies are an integral part of the systematic review. Collaboration with a librarian has been correlated with higher quality reported search strategies in systematic reviews.2 A high-quality, transparently reported search will help to ensure that your review is built on a solid foundation.

How can the Systematic Review Service support you?

Librarians can support you by:

  • Evaluating the viability of your topic based on extant literature
  • Developing and refining your review topic
  • Assisting in development of a research protocol
  • Identifying databases and grey literature sources
  • Developing and executing searches
  • Importing search results into citation managers, or Rayyan, a screening tool
  • Documenting search strategies
  • Contributing to the Methods section of manuscript

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1. See this typology of reviews for descriptions and methodologies of 14 review types common in biomedical research.

2. Rethlefsen, M. L., Farrell, A. M., Osterhaus Trzasko, L. C., & Brigham, T. J. (2015). Librarian co-authors correlated with higher quality reported search strategies in general internal medicine systematic reviews. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 68(6), 617–626.