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Gale Biography in Context
Search for people based on one or more personal facts such as birth and death year, nationality, ethnicity, occupation or gender, or combine criteria to create a custom search.

Gale Business Collection
Company profiles, investment reports, news and theory. 1980-present. Some full text.

Gale Business Insights Essential
Company and industry profiles including SWOT reports, market share reports, and financial reports, company histories; also industry essays, scholarly journals, and business news.

An annotated collection of all publicly available DNA sequences.

Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) Database
A public functional genomics data repository supporting MIAME-compliant data submissions. Array- and sequence-based data are accepted and tools are provided to help users query and download experiments and curated gene expression profiles.

General Science Fulltext

Genetic Toxicology (GENE-TOX)
A datafile containing genetic toxicology (mutagenicity) chemical test data, resulting from expert review of the scientific literature.

Genetics and Ethics Database
A bibliographic database from the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University.Includes: books, journal articles, book chapters, bills, laws, court decisions, reports, news articles and audiovisuals relating to ethics and public policy issues in genetics.

Genetics Home Reference

GEO DataSets
Curated gene expression and molecular abundance DataSets assembled from the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) repository. DataSet records contain additional resources including cluster tools and differential expression queries.

GEO Profiles
Individual gene expression and molecular abundance profiles assembled from the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) repository.

Established by the American Geological Institute, this database covers the geology of North America from 1785 to the present and worldwide publications from 1933 to the present. Includes references to all publications of the US Geological Survey.

Global Financial Development
World Bank data on debt in developing countries.

GPO (Government Printing Office Monthly Catalog)
The Catalog of U.S. Government Publications, available through GPO Access, a Service of the Government Printing Office.
Allows organizations to electronically find and apply for Federal grants. It is a single access point for over 1000 grant programs offered by Federal grant-making agencies.

A multidisciplinary environmental resource containing nearly 300,000 records, full text for selected titles, and searchable cited references for more than 200 titles.

Grey Literature Report

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