The Department’s world class research programs foster a spirit of inquiry in the department’s clinical and educational programs, and bring new preventive, diagnostics and treatment modalities to our patient population. These programs derive from a rich tradition of mentorship and critical thinking, and are fostered by a supportive and collegial environment that encourages faculty and trainees to work and learn collaboratively.


Department of Medicine researchers are leaders in fighting opioid addiction


Our Vision Is:

To be international leaders in translational medical research.

Our Mission Is:

To provide an optimal structure, environment and support facilities for translational research and to mentor and develop the next generation of biomedical researchers. To promote integrity in all research endeavors; As part of this mission, we will focus on diseases disproportionately affecting the unique populations we serve.

The DOM distinguishes itself among prestigious departments of medicine in the US by holding excellence, diversity and social justice as core values. Our patients are ethnically and racially diverse. Many are particularly vulnerable due to poverty, lack of commercial insurance, or language barriers. Many are recent immigrants, including refugees from war and torture. The DOM, in close collaboration with a network of community-based health centers, is committed to delivering exceptional clinical care to this challenging population. Our patients’ needs also inform departmental research into the mechanisms of – and effective treatments and care delivery protocols for – health problems of poverty, such as, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and drug and substance abuse. Their needs also provide the impetus and framework for translational research, including studies of the interactions among biological, medical, social and behavioral factors and health, as well as disparities in access, service use and health outcomes by race, ethnicity, socio-economic status and sex.

Goal 1: Improve Research Infrastructure

  1. Enhance communication. To provide information on what is available and how to access it we will develop an interactive website and brochure that will describe Core facilities, training opportunities and cost structure.
  2. Identify new needs for additional resources on an annual basis through Core committees and apply DOM resources to meet these needs as effectively as possible.
  3. Provide maintenance for existing Infrastructure
  4. Build bi-directional relationships with other members of the BU community as well as industry collaborators.

Goal 2: Enhance Translational Research

  1. Support a Translational Research Office that will include facilitation of subject recruitment for studies, particularly of diverse populations, and those with health problems as stated in our mission.
  2. Plan Multi-disciplinary translational conferences or working groups that address mechanisms and effective treatments and care delivery protocols for important health problems of vulnerable populations.
  3. Fund Pilot projects that evolve from these groups.
  4. Keep translational research as a focus when recruiting new hires whose studies will address the interactions among biological, medical, social and behavioral factors and health, as well as disparities in access, service use and health outcomes.

Goal 3: Promote and Develop Diverse Human Resources

  1. Support a Senior/Junior Faculty Mentorship system
  2. Implement programs to help investigators write better grants. Provide help with an internal grant review assistance.
  3. Participate in an Annual Orientation for Junior Faculty
  4. Continue funding promising pilot projects
  5. Make a special effort to develop faculty from under-represented minorities

Goal 4: Facilitate Research Communication

  1. Develop Webinar/Webcast capability to provide seminar or symposium access to individuals who cannot attend in person and as a training opportunity.
  2. Develop an expanded Web site through enhancement of the BU-BMC Research Resources Website; use the website for virtual research groups including grant and seminar announcements
  3. Organize symposia across scientific discipline