Michael J. Mazzini M.D

Assistant Professor of Medicine

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University of Colorado M.D. 2002

General field of research:

Cardiac Electrophysiology

Affiliations other than medicine:

Boston University School of Medicine, Section of Cardiovascular Medicine, Myocardial Biology Unit

Contact information:

88 East Newton St D-8 Cardiology, Boston, MA 02127




Metabolic disease, arrhythmia, sudden death

Summary of academic interest:

My research interest is focused upon the connection between impaired cardiac metabolism and the development of cardiac arrhythmias, particularly with respect to inherited metabolic disorders, the metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and diastolic dysfunction.

My clinical interest is focused upon all aspects of clinical cardiac electrophysiology, including invasive and non-invasive diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias (ablation of SVT, VT, and atrial fibrillation), cardiac device implantation (pacemakers, ICDs, and CRT devices), and medical management of all cardiac rhythm disorders.

Recent publications:

1. Mazzini M, Tadros T, Siwik D, Joseph L, Bristow M, Qin F, Cohen R, Monahan K , Klein M, and Colucci W. Primary carnitine deficiency and sudden death: in vivo evidence of myocardial lipid peroxidation and sulfonylation of SarcoEndoplasmic Reticulum Calcium ATPase 2 (SERCA2). Cardiology. 2011;120(1):52-8

2. Lancel S, Qin F, Lennon SL, Zhang J, Tong X, Mazzini MJ, Kang YJ, Siwik DA, Cohen RA, and Colucci WS. Oxidative Post-Translational Modifications Mediate Decreased SERCA Activity and Myocyte Dysfunction in Gαq-Overexpressing Mice Circ Res. 2010; 107: 228-232.

3. Magnani JW, Mazzini MJ, Sullivan L, Williamson M, Ellinor PT, Benjamin, EJ. P Wave Indices, Distribution and Quality Control Assessment (from the Framingham Heart Study). Annals of Noninvasive Electrocardiography. 2010. 15(1):77–84.

4. Mazzini MJ, Stevens GR, Whalen D, Ozonoff A, Balady GJ. Effect of an American Heart Association Get with the Guidelines Program-Derived Clinical Pathway on Referral and Enrollment to Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation after Acute Myocardial Infarction. 2008. Am J Cardiol. April 101(8):1084-1087.

5. Parikh H, Carlsson E, Chutkow WA, Johansson LE, Storgaard H, Poulsen P, Saxena R, Ladd C, Schulze PC, Mazzini MJ, Jensen CB, Krook A, Björnholm M, Tornqvist H, Zierath JR, Ridderstråle M, Altshuler D, Lee RT, Vaag A, Groop LC, Mootha VK.TXNIP Regulates Peripheral Glucose Homeostasis in Humans. PLoS Medicine. 2007. May 4(5) e158.