Bonnie J. Sherman, PhD

Sherman_Bonnie-2-5x3-5Assistant Professor of Medicine


Yeshiva University, Ph.D. Clinical Health Psychology
Yeshiva University, MA, Clinical Health Pyschology
University of Pennsylvania, BA, Psychology

Other Websites:

Building Interdisciplinary Research in Womens Health (BIRCWH)
Womens Health Unit

General Field of Work:

Women’s Health Research

Affiliations other than medicine:


Contact information:

Office and Lab: 801 Massachusetts Avenue, 4th floor, Boston, MA 02118
Phone: (617)-638-8036
Fax: (617)-638-8096


Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Patient Navigation, Vulnerable Populations, Health Disparities

Recent Publications:

Phillips, CE, Rothstein, JD, Beaver, K, Sherman, BJ, Freund, KM and Battaglia, TA (2010). Patient Navigation to Increase Mammography Screening Among Inner City Women. Journal of Internal Medicine. PMID: 20931294

Sherman, BJ, Gilliland, G, Speckman, J, and Freund, K (2007). The effectiveness of a Primary Care Intervention Program in Rural Women. Preventive Medicine, 44(3):198-201. PMID: 17184830

Sherman, BJ,  Savage, CR, Eddy, KT, Blais, MA, Deckersbach, T, Jackson, SC, Franko, DL,  Rauch, SL, Herzog, DB. Strategic memory in adults with anorexia nervosa: are there similarities to obsessive compulsive spectrum disorders?. International Journal of Eating Disorders. 39(6):468-76, 2006 Sep. PMID: 16715489.

Goodman, B, Seaver, M, Seunghyun, S, Dibble, S, Shada, R, Sherman, BJ, et al. Qualitative Evaluation of the National Centers of Excellence in Women’s Health. Women’s Health Issues 2002;12;291-308. PMID: 12457571.

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