James L. Rosenzweig, MD

Director of Diabetes Services, Associate Professor of Medicine


MD, Yale School of Medicine
Internship and Residency, Barnes Jewish Hospital, Washington University School of Medicine, Saint Louis, MO.
Fellowship in Endocrinology and Metabolism, Diabetes Branch, NIDDK, NIH, Bethesda MD

General field of research:

Diabetes, disease management, quality improvement, physician performance measurement, clinical guidelines, care coordination, case management, telemedicine

Affiliations other than medicine:

Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research
Internal Medicine
Endocrinology, Diabetes and Nutrition

Contact information:

72 East Concord Street, Evans 201, Boston, MA 02118
Phone: (617) 638-8516
Fax: (617) 638-7221


Other research websites:


Research group information

Diabetes Services Group:
Marie McDonnell, MD
Elliot Sternthal, MD
Sara Pietras, MD
Varsha Vimalananda, MD
Miguel Ariza, MD
Roberta Capelson, MS, ANP
Karen Chalmers, MS, RD, CDE
Deborah Urquhart, MS, ANP, CDE
Marina Donahue, MS, ANP, CDE
Lynn White, MS, ANP, CDE
Patricia Hanrahan, MS, ANP, CDE


Diabetes; Disease Management; Clinical Guidelines; Quality Measures; Performance Improvement; Disparities in Diabetes

Summary of research interest:

Working with the clinical leadership of the Department of Medicine and other departments, as well as the 15 affiliated Community Health Centers, to develop strategies to measure and to improve the quality of diabetes care at BMC and in greater Boston. Actively developing research programs and obtaining grant support for studies of care coordination, clinical effectiveness, performance measurement and prevention in the areas of diabetes and its associated complications and comorbidities. Collaborating with members of General Internal Medicine to develop programs and clinical studies to evaluate and reduce cultural disparities in care.

Recent publications:

Rosenzweig J.L., K. Weinger, L. Poirier-Solomon, M. Rushton. 2002. Use of a Disease Severity Index for Evaluation of Health Care Costs and Management of Comorbidities of Patients with Diabetes. American Journal of Managed Care 8:950.

Diabetes Control and Complications Trial/Epidemiology of Diabetes Interventions and Complications (DCCT/EDIC) Study Research Group. 2005. Intensive Diabetes Treatment and Cardiovascular Disease in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes. N Engl JMed 353:2643-53.

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