Lisa Quintiliani

Assistant ProfessorLisa Quintiliani


PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Post-doctoral training:
(1) Cancer Prevention and Control Fellowship, Harvard School of Public Health and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
(2) BioMedical Informatics Fellowship, Boston University

General Field of Work:

Behavioral science and eHealth interventions

Affiliations other than medicine:

Boston University, School of Public Health, Department of Community Health Sciences

Contact information:

 801 Massachusetts Ave, Crosstown Center, 2nd Floor, MISU, Boston MA 02118





Behavioral science, nutrition, eHealth, health disparities, overweight/obesity, multiple health behavior change

Summary of academic interest:

I am a Registered Dietitian with expertise in behavioral science and medical informatics. My knowledge and skills are in the use of mixed methods approaches to designing and evaluating health promotion interventions across a variety of behaviors, such as nutrition, physical activity, and smoking, with and without the use of information technology. My most recent work involves the design and evaluation of an intervention using peers counselors to deliver nutrition and physical activity counseling using motivational interviewing.

My long-term goal is to effectively design, implement, and evaluate computer-assisted approaches for behavioral risk reduction for chronic disease prevention.

Recent Publications

1. Campbell MK and Quintiliani LM. (2006). Tailored interventions in public health: Where does tailoring fit in interventions to reduce health disparities? American Behavioral Scientist, 49(6):775-794.

2. Quintiliani LM, Allen JD, Marino M, Kelly-Weeder S, Li Y. (2010). Multiple health behavior clusters among female college students. Patient Education and Counseling, 79(1):134-137.

3. Quintiliani LM, Campbell MK, Bowling JM, Steck S, Haines PS, DeVellis BM. (2010). Results of a randomized trial testing messages tailored to participant-selected topics among female college students: Physical activity outcomes. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 7:517-526.

4. Sorensen G, Stoddard A, Quintiliani L, Ebbeling C, Nagler E, Yang M, Pereira L, Wallace L. (2010). Tobacco use cessation and weight management among motor freight workers: Results from the Gear Up for Health Study. Cancer Causes & Control, 21(12):2113-2122.

5. Quintiliani L, Poulsen S, Sorensen G. (2010). Healthy eating strategies in the workplace. International Journal of Workplace Health Management, 3(3):182-196.

6. Quintiliani LM, De Jesus M, Wallington SF. (2011). The impact of student diversity on interest, design, and promotion of web-based tailored nutrition and physical activity programs for community colleges. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 43:379-384.

7. Webber, K.H. & Quintiliani, L.M. (2011). Development of a Weight Loss Program for Appalachian Kentucky Adults: A Formative Research Survey. Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal, 40(1):74-84.

8. Quintiliani, L.M., Stoddard, A.M., Lederman, R., Harden, E., Wallace, L., Sorensen G. Dissemination of a Tobacco Cessation Program for Unionized Workers. Family and Community Health, In press.