Michael Paasche-Orlow

Associate Professor of Medicine


MD – Albert Einstein College of Medicine
MA – The Jewish Theological Seminary of America
MPH – Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
Fellowship in General Internal Medicine – Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

General field of research:

Health Services Research

Affiliations other than medicine:

Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research
Section of General Internal Medicine
Department of Medicine

Contact information:

801 Massachusetts Avenue, 2nd Floor BUSM or BMC Lab address:
Phone: (617) 414-5877
Fax #: (617) 414-4676



Health Literacy; Behavioral IT; Interventional

Summary of research interest:

Intervention trials to mitigate the impact of limited health literacy on health outcomes

Recent publications:

Hanchate AD, Ash AS, Gazmararian JA, Wolf MS, Paasche-Orlow MK. 2008. The Demographic Assessment for Health Literacy (DAHL): A New Tool for Estimating Associations between Health Literacy and Outcomes in National Surveys. Journal of General Internal Medicine. 23(10):1561-6.

Apter AJ, Paasche-Orlow MK, Remillard JT, Bennett IM, Ben-Joseph EP, Batista RM, Hyde J, Rudd RE. 2008. Numeracy and Communication with Patients: They Are Counting on Us. Journal of General Internal Medicine. 23(12):2117-24.

Paasche-Orlow MK, Jacob DM, Hochhauser M, Parker RM. 2009. National Survey of Patients’ Bill of Rights Statutes. Journal of General Internal Medicine [Epub ahead of print]

Jack BW, Chetty VK, Anthony D, Greenwald JL, Sanchez GM, Johnson AE, Forsythe SR, O’Donnell JK, Paasche-Orlow MK, Manasseh C, Martin S, Culpepper L. 2009. A Reengineered Hospital Discharge Program to Decrease Rehospitalization. Annals of Internal Medicine 150:178-187.

Bickmore TW, Pfeifer LM, Paasche-Orlow MK. 2009. Using computer agents to explain medical documents to patients with low health literacy. Patient Education and Counseling [Epub ahead of print]

Tokuda Y, Doba N, Butler JP, Paasche-Orlow MK. 2009. Health literacy and physical and psychological wellbeing in Japanese adults. Patient Education and Counseling [Epub ahead of print]

Hironaka LK, Paasche-Orlow MK, Young RL, Bauchner H, Geltman PL. 2009. Caregiver health literacy and adherence to a daily multi-vitamin with iron regimen in infants. Patient Education and Counseling [Epub ahead of print]

Volandes AE, Paasche-Orlow MK, Barry MJ, Gillick MR, Minaker KL, Chang Y, Cook EF, Abbo ED, El-Jawahri A, Mitchell SL. 2009. Video decision support tool for advance care planning in dementia: randomised controlled trial. BMJ. 28;338.